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Fans Can’t Believe Offset’s Son Kody is Already Doing this at 3-Years-Old: ‘Next Big Thing’

It seems that Offset has either been given his son Kody some rap pointers or the kid is just a born natural, because his little one was seen rapping like someone much older, and people were floored about it.

The clip surfaced on Thursday from Kody’s mom Oriel Jamie‘s Instagram account, and in front of a microphone with headphones on, the 3-year-old Kody showed he can ride a track with precision, switch cadences and place emphasis on certain words to extenuate them.

Kody moved like a seasoned rapper to, bopping his heads to the beat, using certain hand gestures and displaying nothing but confidence in front of the microphone.

In fact, some thought he could challenge or maybe even be better than some of today’s artists based on his skill level.

“Sound better than half these rappers now 🤷🏽‍♀️,” one person wrote.

“This is it right here NEXT big thing…sound just like his daddy,” wrote another.

“crazy af that he already got a sound,” a third person commented.

There was also one person who said Offset should put Kody on a song right now and not wait until he gets older, because his flow is comparable to the rappers on the radio these days.

“Put him on a song let him start it off and put him in the video big LiT 🔥 🔥🔥🔥💯 #LilSeTSeT,” that person wrote.

“Sounds just like all the top hits out right now,” someone else followed. 😶 “Go head and get allll the shhhhmoney lil fella.”

There were also a lot of folks who said Kody sounds a lot like Offset, and it’s evident that he’s been paying attention to him in the recording booth or listening to his songs.

Check out the cute but impressive clip below.

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