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‘Thirst Trap of the Year’: Romeo Miller’s Open Letter to His ‘Future Wife’ Has Fans Swooning

“Oh, Romeo, give me a chance. Uh-uh, too young, I don’t need a girlfriend” — “My Baby” by Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller wasn’t looking for a girlfriend then, and he isn’t looking for one now. The “My Baby” rapper is looking for his Miss Right. Miller took to Instagram sharing a heartfelt message to his future wife while standing in front of a beautiful white mansion and black truck that looks like it costs more than some people’s mortgages.

Miller wrote: “Dear Future Wifey, I know you’ve been through heartbreak, I know you’ve been lied to and I know you are probably over love at the moment. The guy or guys you are entertaining right now are just minimal pages in your amazing fairytale. Don’t worry; I’ll rescue you in perfect timing. You are a Queen, and you deserve to be treated like one. – Your Romeo 💍”

Miller’s posts accumulated over 140,000 likes, and women flooded the MC’s comments, letting him know that they’re ready to become Mrs. Miller.

Former Danity Kane group member Aubrey O’ Day responded to Miller by jokingly reminding him to keep their business off of Instagram. “Babe. I told you to keep our personal texts off the gram. 👸🏼.”

Lauren Williams, Porsha Williams sister even hopped in the conversation.
“Thirst trap of the year 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. “

@Conniestaytraveling had the most elaborate response by commenting on Miller’s posts the same way he did in his caption: “Dear Future Husband, Thank you for understanding that things haven’t always been easy going. I am grateful that you want more for me, despite us never meeting. You are appreciated & I’ll continue to be patient knowing that in due time, the universe will have its way so that we can pray, grind, & love each other the genuine way. Yours truly, Constance 👰🏽.”

Others kept it simple.

“Thank you, bae, I can’t wait 😊.”

“Next time just @ me ✨.”

” I’m right here 😩.”

While women are willing and ready for Miller to make them his, some fans thought that Miller wrote the heartfelt message to the one and only Angela Simmons.

” @angelasimmons he is talking to you lol. ❤️”

Earlier this year, Simmons and Miller sparked rumors of two of them possibly dating on “Growing Up Hip Hop.” While Simmons was focused on raising her son, fans picked up on some romantic tension between the two cast mates.

Miller addressed this dynamic in an interview with Page Six last December, saying, “[Simmons] is one of my good friends. I think people just want to see people like that together in general. But you can’t rush that — whatever happens happens.”

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