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Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Hunter Jr. Reportedly Arrested on Charges of Punching His Dad, Internet Cheers the Teen

Kevin Hunter Jr., Wendy Williams‘ 18-year-old son, was arrested on charges of assaulting his dad and Williams’ estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

According to TMZ, which cited unnamed inside sources, the men got into it in the early hours of May 22 in a store parking lot near the New Jersey home that Williams and the senior Hunter shared before their split.

Williams reportedly dropped her son off to retrieve something from the home and planned to pick him up later. Hunter Jr. didn’t realize that his father would be at the house, but despite that they got along smoothly and went to a store together just after midnight.

TMZ’s account continued by saying that the father and son began arguing in the store parking lot about Hunter’s demand for spousal support from his wife, with Hunter supposedly telling his son that Wendy Williams was “brainwashing” him.

From there, things got physical at some point and Hunter Jr. wound up being arrested by West Orange, New Jersey, police. Hunter reportedly placed his son in a headlock, and Kevin Jr. punched him in the nose to break free.

Hunter has already addressed the skirmish and said he has no desire to press charges. “I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally,” he told TMZ on Wednesday. “Things are not always how they appear.”

After the news of Hunter Jr.’s arrest surfaced, Williams’ fans weighed in on Instagram and cheered her son on.

“I am sorry, but he should have knocked that nose a long time ago for mistreating his mother. Way to go,” someone wrote.

“#SorryNOTSorry Kev all GROWN Up couldn’t take it anymore he had to whoop his father A$$ for treating his mom like crap,” another person chimed in.

But there was one person who seemed to take pleasure in the turmoil surrounding Williams and her family.

“Look at how your family is collapsing b4 your eyes,” one person commented. “Yet u stayed talking about people 24/7. It’s not even about your job but u spread some false rumors abt some celebs all on your own.”

Williams filed for divorce from Hunter on April 11 after 22 years of marriage.

The split comes after years of rumors that Hunter cheated on her and was also physically abusive. He’s long been linked to a woman named Sharina Hudson, who gave birth to a baby in March. Hunter is widely considered to be the father of that child.

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