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‘She Is Too Much’: Toya Wright’s 1-Year-Old Daughter Wins Over the Internet After Showing Off Her Selfie Skills

It’s safe to say Toya Wright‘s baby girl may have been born camera-ready.

1-year-old Reign Rushing became the topic of conversation this week on social media after she demonstrated her impressive photo-taking abilities. Wright uploaded a video of the toddler to her Instagram feed Monday morning with the caption “Who taught her how to do this? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣.”

In the clip, a friend or family member of Wright’s told baby Reign to “take a selfie.” The 1-year-old responded by holding a cellphone up in the air, looking toward the camera and smiling.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright’s daughter Reign Rushing taking a photo. @toyawright/Instagram

Fans gushed over the mother of two’s post, leaving over 12,000 comments.

“😍 She was ready too! Aim and smile on point !! ❤️ 😂 she is too much!!!! Too cute!💕.”

“Now that’s too adorable.. awwwwww 😍❤️ baby’s these days come out very advanced and very SMART.”

“OMG she is sooooooo precious😍👑 yesss Reign issa whole photoshoot!”

Gospel singer Erica Campbell fawned over the toddler and wrote, “Wait she knows what to do 😍😍 #angles.”

Baby Reign’s big sister, Reginae Carter even chimed in to the conversation and wrote under Wright’s post “She’s definitely your child and my sister lol.”

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter, Reign Rushing and Toya Wright. (@colormenae/Instagram)

The 36-year-old television personality welcomed her daughter into the world in February 2018 with her companion Robert Rushing. She’s been very vocal about protecting her children, especially when it comes to social media trolls.

“I honestly don’t pay attention to the haters,” she told Cosmopolitan in a December 2017 interview, a few months before the birth of Reign. “UNLESS, someone says something about my daughter, and then Mama Bear kicks in. I don’t care what people say about me, but kids are off limits.”

Earlier this year, Wright gave people a piece of her mind after reading a mass of negative comments from detractors attacking baby Reign’s appearance.

“How can you talk about an innocent baby?” she wrote along with a photo of the 1-year-old. “Who the f–k raised y’all stupid asses? With that being said….F–k ANYbody that has ANYthing negative to say about my daughters.”

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