‘She Don’t Want Smoke’: LHHATL Fans Side With Spice After Explosive Fight with Akbar V

The drama on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” continues to unfold.

The show’s latest beef involves dancehall queen Grace “Spice” Hamilton, rapper Tokyo Vanity and newcomer Akbar V. All three cast members engaged in a physical altercation during last week’s episode 9 after the newbie dissed Spice and Vanity during her onstage performance at a showcase. She apparently felt disrespected that the two “LHHATL” veterans didn’t connect with her about doing music when they moved to Atlanta.

Akbar’s diss rap toward Vanity and Spice ended with a shoe being thrown at her and security holding the all three women back from fighting.

Akbar V (left) and Grace “Spice” Hamilton (right) got into a heated confrontation in episode 10. (Photos: @vh1 @loveandhiphop screenshots)

Fast-forward to this week’s Monday, May 10, episode 10, and the co-stars’ mutual friend Sierra Gates called a meeting for Akbar, Spice and Vanity to quash their beef. It, of course, ended in complete chaos. The Jamaican native had a problem with Akbar, saying, “They flew here and I grew here.”

The newcomer, who clearly was unapologetic for her remarks, sarcastically asked Spice, “OK, so did you fly Delta?” She then called the dancehall artist a “b–ch” multiple times and refused to apologize to her and Vanity for dissing them onstage.

Things took a turn for the worse when Akbar called Spice a “b–tch” again and mocked her Jamaican accent. The “LHHATL” veteran then jumped across the table to yank Akbar up but was quickly stopped by security.

“LHHATL” fans slammed the newcomer for seemingly provoking and disrespecting Spice.

“She was really being disrespectful 😒 spice said she doesn’t like that b–ch word and she still wanna style her as one. She don’t want smoke with Spice.”

“Get her Spice! Ak ain’t want that yardie ass whooping. It’s very disrespectful and insulting mocking Caribbean accents.”

“Akbar be doing to much. Humble is what she needs to be instead of violent and drama filled. She’s just as corny as some of the other females on the show 🙄.”

Others defended Akbar.

“Well Spice did throw a shoe first so Akbar shouldn’t have to apologize.”

“Spice started it first why Akbar gotta say sorry.”

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