‘I’m Still a Gangsta’: Traci Braxton Gets a Mouthful from Birdman When She Inserts Herself Where She’s Not Wanted

After Toni Braxton finally put the rumors to rest to her family by saying she and Birdman are not calling off their wedding, tensions flared between the rapper and Braxton’s sister Traci Braxton.

The couple, Traci, and their sister Towanda Braxton were among those enjoying a meal together on the May 16 episode of “Braxton Family Values” when Traci indicated Birdman should work to shed his tough exterior.

“I’m still a gangsta,” Birdman said on the May 16 episode when Traci remarked about how “cute” he looked sitting next to Toni.

“Doesn’t matter. It’s OK to be soft every now and then,” Traci says.

“Why would I have to be soft?” Birdman says.

“It’s putting your guards down because you’re with the woman that you love,” Traci explains.

Birdman, however, disagreed.

“Every woman don’t want that hard side all the time,” Traci says.

“Does she complain? She complain on the low?” Birdman fires back before accusing Traci of speaking out of turn.

“She happy,” he continues. “And got money ’cause Imma make sure of that. So what’s the problem with you and me?”

The two ended up hugging it out in the end, but it didn’t stop fans from weighing in on the matter.

“Birdman took it the wrong way though.”

“faking love like ah Mf……….💆 people WAKE UP………🤦’

“Men that feel this way are very much hiding something.”

“She’s not looking that happy or maybe she just doesn’t feel well. I appreciate Traci for protecting her sister. She was giving great advice, he just took it the wrong way.”

Toni and Birdman’s romance has been a highly-scrutinized subject over the last few months, and fans have eagerly been awaiting answers concerning their relationship status after it appeared they’d ended their engagement.

On New Year’s Day, Toni wrote in an Instagram caption “Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice… but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year 🥂.” That, combined with a memo her fiancé wrote, saying “It’s over,” led fans to believe their wedding would never be.

But several months into 2019, when Birdman appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show,” he dismissed rumors that there were any issues in his relationship.

“But it was cap. When I mean cap, it was fake, he said, indicating the claims were simply stirred up to create headlines. “Like, I don’t know how the s–t even took place. On the real, for real, I would never be a man to bring none of my business to social media.”

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