‘It Was Cap’: Birdman Addresses Speculation About His Engagement Status With Toni Braxton

The top of the year brought about rumors that Toni Braxton’s engagement to Birdman had been called off. Then, fans caught glimpses that contradicted those claims.

So when the rapper appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” Friday, he set the record straight when asked directly about their relationship status.

“Where did you get that from?” Birdman asked Wendy Williams March 29 regarding her question about their split. “Social media I guess. Well, me personally, I’ve never been a man that put no energy into social media.”

However, speculation emerged from Birdman’s and Braxton’s social media pages on New Year’s Day that the duo was no longer. The singer wrote on her Instagram page, “Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice… but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year 🥂”

Birdman also said in a since-deleted Instagram Story post the next day, “It’s over….”

“But it was cap. When I mean cap, it was fake,” Birdman explains further on “The Wendy Williams Show.” “Like, I don’t know how the s–t even took place. On the real, for real, I would never be a man to bring none of my business to social media.”

The Cash Money Records founder and Braxton went public with their engagement in February 2018. As they fielded questions about a wedding date throughout the year, Braxton remained mum until she admitted on E!’s “Daily Pop” that November her fiancé gave her an ultimatum.

“My guy said I have to pick a date by the end of the year,” she said. “We have to get married before the year is out. He said ‘before next year.’”

That same month, Braxton lost her engagement ring, which Birdman told Williams she fessed up to a week after it happened.

“F— it, we’ll buy another ring,” the rapper says. “It is what it is.”

Then, came the curious social media messages that appeared to confirm the pair were done. However, by the end of January, it seemed the two were back on good terms. Birdman graced the stage while Braxton was performing in Atlanta and gave her a big hug. He then led her off stage hand-in-hand.

Regardless, Birdman’s responses didn’t seem to satisfy all viewers.

“So birdman and the toni are still together????”

“Bird man never actually confirmed anything about his relationship with Toni. I think they may be over -Wendy you needed to push him to actually say it #needtheawkwardsilence.”

“I thought Birdman and Toni broke up. I’m confused.”

Others surmised the split was all for show.

“That break up was a publicity stunt. He just admitted it wasn’t real in this interview.”

“So basically Birdman just admitted in this interview that the whole breakup on Instagram a few months ago was fake..lol..”

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