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‘I Don’t See No Waves’ :Cynthia Bailey Gives Twerking Another Shot, Boyfriend Mike Hill Is Less Than Impressed

Famously no good at twerking, Cynthia Bailey gave it the old college try recently with the help of buoyancy from the pool. However, the results left her boyfriend Mike Hill slightly underwhelmed.

Bailey has been on a “baecation” with her main squeeze in Costa Rica as part of her promotion with Seagram’s Escapes and her signature peach bellini beverage. During their extended getaway, Bailey took a dip in the pool and tried to get her twerk on.

“My baby can do a lot of things,” Hill says in a video shared on his Instagram Story Tuesday. “She said she can twerk better in the water. You can go anytime baby.”

“I’m twerking!” Bailey exclaims. “You don’t see it?”

“I don’t see no waves,” Hill replies with a laugh.

Bailey changed locations and bent over on the staircase to give twerking another go.

“The water helps a little bit,” Hill says sounding slightly impressed before remarking on a famed Atlanta strip club. “You still ain’t ready for Magic City.”

Across the first part of the IG story, Hill wrote, “Anyone who watches her show knows this may not be @cynthiabailey10 strength … which is a blessing. 😂😂”

And that’s true.

When Bailey took a girls trip to Destin, Florida with her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars this past season, Bailey tried to learn how to move her booty the way the girls in music videos do. However, the result was less than sexy.

“Struggle Twerk @kandi😂 Seriously, these ladies make twerking look so easy! It’s hard! Y’all betta be glad I can’t get the hang of it cause if I could I would be twerking non-stop lol! Just for the work out alone😜 Videographer: @kandi #rhoa #struggletwerk #okigiveup,” Bailey wrote in a video she shared to Instagram in December 2018 of her efforts.

However, the model’s newest attempt left fans reacting differently than before. Rather than delighting in her fun, many laughed at her expense.

“it’s ok Cynthia… I have a big booty and can’t twerk… it ain’t for everybody 😂😂😂😂”

“T’awwww 🤣🤣 I feel the struggle to girl.”

“Lmaoooo? That’s me af ‘I am twerking babe’ 😭😭😭 meanwhile nothing moving lol.”

Meanwhile, others dissed the 51-year-old star as being too old to do such moves.

“Too old for this cyn leave it for the teenagers , twerking not for everyone.”

“Put away those childish things you too fine for this! Stick to the activities associated with your age bracket: baking, cooking Sunday dinners, gardening.”

“Too old 🗣”

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