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‘Absolutely Uncalled For’: Nene Leakes Finds Herself In a Firestorm Over Joke Concerning Gregg After He’s Revealed to be Cancer-Free

Nene Leakes eagerly shared with fans Monday that her husband Gregg Leakes is officially cancer-free, but the manner in which she disclosed the news has several fans turning up their noses.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted a photo of her smiling spouse on her Instagram page May 13 as he held up a paper reading, “No Cancer Found. Praise GOD…”

“Look at God! We are over joyed to say, we saw the doctors for the results of Gregg’s Pet Scan he took last week! Test show, wait for It…..WE ARE CANCER FREE!!! Yes God! Now i can go give Gregg a black eye 👊🏾since so many thinks he’s abused #f—cancer #fuckopinions #cancersurvivor #pushthrucaretakers #lifeoftheleakes,” the “RHOA” star captioned her post.

nene leakes
Gregg Leakes disclosed no cancer has been found after a body scan. (Photo: @greggleakes/Instagram)

The latter part of her caption — the joke about abuse considering talk about how Nene has not been kind to Gregg — rubbed fans the wrong way.

“Tf she talking about a damn black eye for when her husband FINALLY BEATS CANCER SMH GOD PLEASE SEND GREGG A BETTER WOMAN 🙄🙄🙄🙄”

“What kind of caption is that? My god that woman is miserable. 🙄”

“Of course she added something in there at the end that was absolutely uncalled for but it’s expected at this point… but THANK GOD, He’s a HEALER!!! ❤️”

“And even in this joyous moment she makes it about her 🙄. Continued blessings Gregg.”

“Wow Nene f—ed it up with her last comment. She is so selfish and ignorant!!”

This is just the latest time that fans have taken aim at Nene for her dealings with Gregg since his cancer diagnosis last May. Last week, the reality star was honored by the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies with the Woman of Achievement award. The honor was jointly given by the John Wayne Cancer Institute in recognition of Nene’s work as a caretaker.

“I am and was honored to be recognized by those who truly care and understand the impact this disease has on families #f—kcancer,” she said in part on Instagram.

But many fans tore into the star, taking issue with the notion that she was getting a trophy for her efforts considering she openly complained about how she was being treated as Gregg battled stage three colon cancer.

“OMG you have gota be kidding, her work as a caregiver?? She’s done nothing to moan bout it 😡😡”

“And there are many excellent caregivers out there with no attitude and no bs who did twice the work under more tedious conditions…😏😏😏 .”

“This was not well deserved😒😒.. She complained every moment and made herself the victim.. They paid to get this to soften her image..great pr stunt👍”

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