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Sky High: Drake Unveils Staggering Private Jet He Received As A Part of New Deal

In hip-hop circles, having a rapper show off his luxury vehicle or a fleet of them is nothing new, but it’s not everyday that you see one displaying a newly built private jet. That’s what Drake did, however.

The OVO boss posted footage of his jet being constructed on Friday, and it was clear to see that he was taken aback by it all.

In the clip, you can see Drizzy scoping out the jet from a distance, then climbing stairs to get a peak at the inside, which looks more like a rich person’s play area than anything else.

There’s leather chairs, comfy looking sofas and it’s all decked out in a burgundy and tan color scheme that has a throwback ’70s motif.

The aircraft is also called “Air Drake,” which it says on the outside of the turbine engine, and Drizzy made it clear it’s all his.

“No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners,” he stated proudly.

According to reports, the “God’s Plan” rapper wasn’t being untruthful about owning the jet, but it doesn’t appear that he plunked down the estimated $75-100 million to purchase it.

It was actually given to him as part of a deal that he entered with Cargojet, a Canadian based cargo company that flies internationally.

“Amazing! It is truly beautiful Aubrey,” one of Drake’s fans wrote, using his real name. “Repercussions of your consistent hard work!! 🙏🏽🦉❤️”

“So sooo proud of you!” another person let him know. “They won’t understand the hard work and dedication behind all your accomplishments. True motivation. Legendary Aubrey Graham🙏”

“Gave me chills 😩 so rare seeing someone so actively controlling ones own destiny,” a third person commented. “Started from the bottom, got everything u spoke of & more #salute👑”
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