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‘We Tore That Room Up!’: Kandi Burruss Gets Candid About Physical Brawl with Mystery Xscape Group Member

Kandi Burruss may shed tears when she’s angry, but she’s also not afraid to open up a can of whup ass if provoked.

The star disclosed she did just that decades ago when she got into a heated argument with one of her Xscape group members and things quickly went off the rails.

“[I was] arguing with one of my members, she swung on me and we tore that room up!” Burruss says during a past visit to the talk show “The Real,” that recently resurfaced. “I mean tore the whole room up. Tore up the keyboards …”

But Burruss wasn’t trying to name names about who she got physical with. She only said that her pal and bandmate Tameka “Tiny” Harris knows about it and clarified it was not Tiny who had the beatdown with her.

That led the hosts and audience to deduce it was one of sisters
 LaTocha Scott or Tamika Scott who was involved in the brawl.

“For some reason, I had multiple situations in my group where we had — even Tiny and I had a little fight one time,” Burruss continues. “It was funny.”

She added that she doesn’t throw the first punch, but “if you come at me, oh, I’m going in!”

“This is so bad, I hate to tell y’all this. Tiny was pregnant when she swung on me and I swung on her back,” Burruss embarrassingly admits. “It’s so terrible. I love her to death. But I feel like if you come at me, I’m coming at you! I’m sorry … That one got broken up real quick.”

Yet when asked if she felt bad after realizing Tiny was pregnant after hitting her, Burruss took a beat and answered, “No!”

While the scuffle with a pregnant Tiny alarmed those in the studio audience, folks online seemed more interested in determining which of the Scott sisters Kandi came to blows with.

“everybody knows its was latasha scott.”

“Kandi Fought Tasha Scott In that room they tore that Room up. lol”

“It’s Tamika Scott. Lol.”

“It was her sister the lead singer Letocha Scott not Tamika.”

As for why fans made that determination, Burruss and LaTocha have famously had beef during Xscape’s run, which spans more than two decades. During a 2015 episode of “Unsung,” Burruss explained things came to a head once and resulted in violence.

“Everything she said had nothing to do with business.,” Burruss explained. “She was just going in on me personally or whatever, saying crazy stuff about me. … Next thing I know she started my way and we went for blows.”

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