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‘Love Her F–king Vocals’: Snoop Dogg Invites Viral Singing Waitress on Stage for a Performance of a Lifetime

The viral sensation who rose to national fame last month when she belted out Jazmine Sullivan as she worked behind the bar recently got the chance of a lifetime when Snoop Dogg handed her the mic.

Erika Kayne made waves online when she was filmed by comedian Justin Whitehead crooning “Need U Bad” during karaoke night at KeVante’s Restaurant & Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio. Kayne flawlessly belted out the 2008 hit as she rang up customers, and it caught the attention of many celebrities — including Snoop.

“Wow where she at she is amazing 💙💙” the rapper commented on Whitehead’s video before sharing it on his own Instagram account with the caption, “No she didn’t work the register and the mic. 🔥🔥 yes she did. That’s black girl power she needs a deal. Pronto 🎤🎤💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥wow.”

The raving continued Sunday, April 28, when Snoop DJed a set as DJ Snoopadelic at Legacy VNYL nightclub in Plano, Texas, and Kayne took the stage.

“I seen her at work doing orders and s— and she was singing her ass off and I just love her f–king vocals,” Snoop says before letting Kayne perform. “So long story short … We’re family now so I want her to sing something right now. I know we don’t do s–t like this, but this girl can sing. … I need y’all to hear her sing. So I’m gon’ put on some good music and I’m gon’ let her do her thing.”

When the music started, Kayne sang out Anita Baker’s “Caught Up in the Rapture” to the crowd as Snoop swayed to the beat and smoked.

Judging by the lengthy caption Kayne wrote on her Instagram page to accompany the video, she was grateful for the opportunity.

“I can honestly say a week in a half ago I didn’t think I this would be life for me,” the singer wrote. “I’ve always wanted this and my dreams are unfolding right before my eyes 😩 I want anyone who’s ever thought or is thinking 🤔 about giving up and thinking your dreams aren’t attainable they are I’m living proof !!!! Omgggggg @snoopdogg Said sing 🎤 and that’s what I did ! I can’t thank God enough and grandma 👵🏾 I know you up there still knocking on doors 🚪 while smiling I love ❤️ you girl and I miss you sooooo much !!!”

In response, several of the singer’s followers piled on the praise for her.

“I knew it would happen for you. Ride to the wheels fall off 💯💯💯💯💯”

“Love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️…. Snoop jammin his ass off too! Lol.”

“Shine on baby! #Cleveland 🔥 | 💛”

This is one of the latest times Kayne has shown off her vocals for a wider audience. The rising star, who has long been grinding with performances in her town and on YouTube, also took the stage in New York’s Times Square last month when she visited “Strahan and Sara” and performed an original song.

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