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Singing Waitress Erika Kayne Gets Her Moment to Shine as She Performs in Times Square

After a whirlwind 48 hours of news coverage following her stunning cover of “Need U Bad,” Erika Kayne is getting her moment to shine.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based bartender went viral last week when she was captured on video by comedian Justin Whitehead belting her heart out to the 2008 Jazmine Sullivan tune as she rang up restaurant patrons from behind the bar.

Kayne, who has been churning out original songs and covers online for years, appeared on “Strahan and Sara” Friday, April 19, and explained from the show’s New York studio what led to her viral moment.

“I’m at my father’s restaurant and lounge, KeVante’s, and we do this every Thursday. Every Thursday it’s karaoke night, so that’s the regular for me,” she said before noting that she’s usually not allowed to sing by herself.

“They actually skip over me a lot and they never let me sing,” she says to fellow guest Ashanti and fill-in hosts Keke Palmer and actress Ali Wentworth.

But that wasn’t the case Friday when Kayne graced the stage in Times Square and performed her original song “Heart For Sale.”

Kayne’s big moment came after she caught the attention of tons of celebrities with her huge pipes last week.

“No she didn’t work the register and the mic. 🔥🔥 yes she did. That’s black girl power she needs a deal. Pronto 🎤🎤💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥wow,” remarked
Snoop Dogg, one of the first of many big-name stars to remark on Kayne’s talents.

Kandi Burruss commented that Kayne was “dope,” while SZA said her vocals “blew me away.”

“I have no words!!” she added.

“Omgggg I’m really lost for words right now it’s love coming from everywhere and I’m trying to reply back to everybody but omggggg its so many dm ☺️I’m truly grateful and I sooooo appreciate all the kind words you guys are giving me !!!!!!” Kayne wrote on Instagram of the overwhelming support for her video, which was shared by the likes of
Cedric the Entertainer and Jesse Williams.

Following her appearance on “Strahan & Sara,” Kayne remained grateful.

“I’m definitely proof that one post can change your life!!!!!” she said on Instagram Friday. “Thanks to @amazingb_ for bringing my viral video to your family’s attention @goodmorningamerica and thanks to @strahanandsara for having me on the show omg y’all I met @keke @therealaliwentworth and A’Shanti I’m extremely blessed.”

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