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Take It or Leave It: Ashanti Shamelessly Dons Escada Belt More Than Twice, Should She Let It Go?

Who says celebs aren’t allowed to wear the same accessories more than once?

A supposed rule in Hollywood states that celebrities aren’t allowed to wear the same get-up more than once. Why? No one exactly knows, but either way, R&B singer Ashanti would be one to defy the rules.

The “Never Should Have” singer was spotted wearing a $995 Escada leather crystal monogrammed belt on several occasions.

In April, the celeb stopped by MTV’s TRL countdown to discuss her upcoming album that she says is to be released this year. While paying a visit, she was spotted donning the belt with a red pantsuit.

Ashanti. @ashanti/Instagram

She also wore the German-made item during a gathering at the United Nations headquarters on April 30. She paired it with a vivid floral pantsuit and white button-down collar shirt and was photographed wearing it at the U.N. tackle plastic pollution event alongside assembled dignitaries.

Ashanti (right foreground) and United Nations dignitaries are all smiles before a “Play It Out” concert to combat plastic pollution at United Nations headquarters in New York on April 30, 2019. (Photo: Selcuk Acar/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Ashanti also sported the black belt with a matching navy-blue, skirt and blazer set while appearing on the “Today Show” on April 22. She stopped by the show to promote her new movie that was released in theaters April 19.

Ashanti. @ashanti, @todayshow/Instagram

The Grammy Award-winning singer is known for exquisite fashion sense and has made her mark in the fashion world.

The “Baby” singer finally got a chance to create a clothing line with designer Isabel Deng in December after desiring to do so for a long time.

“This is a very visual industry, so I feel like the more things that you’re a part of and the more that you’re able to show your brand and your style and who you are in different fashions, the better off you are,” she told Page Six.

Some fans were over the belt, while others didn’t seem to mind the blingy accessory.

” This belt again …. we’ve seen it enough.”

“Why is she only wearing Escada? Is she an ambassador, or does she wants to..?”

“She does noo wrong in my eyes. 😌 She looks goodt!”

“You are my fashion Icon so graceful.”

“Love what you wear you look gorgeous!”

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