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‘You Killin Us Softly’: Ashanti Hailed as Beauty Goals in This Sexy Photo

Ashanti‘s beauty and fashion looks are nothing short of amazing in the eyes of fans.

The R&B singer served body and vogue during her recent appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to promote her new film “Stuck,” which debuted in theaters April 19.

Amid her interview on the daytime show April 19, the celeb’s contemporary finery grabbed viewers’ attention. She rocked a purple two-piece blazer-and-pant ensemble from clothing brand Escada, a black tube top, and black stiletto pumps, a look put together by celebrity stylist Wilford Lenov.


Ashanti also sported straight, platinum-blond tresses styled by New York celebrity hairstyle Kalief Wolfe. She went for a super glamorous makeup look, including a chiseled contour, gold and purple eye shadow, and nude lipstick.

She captioned her Thursday Instagram post of her getup with a purple heart emoji, triggering a wave of fan remarks.

“💯one of the best photos legs feet, neck, body in order. LOVELY 😩😍.”

“Ashanti don’t get enough credit . Girl so f–kin baaaddddd 😻 look at that body.”

“That colour looks stunning on you 💯 you killin us softly boo 👏.”

“Wow you are like a fine vintage. Only get better and better with age 🙂 damn beautiful you truly look flawless.”

Ashanti attends the MTV +1 The Vote ‘Election Afterparty’ on November 6, 2018, Miami. (Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)

The movie “Stuck” featuring the Grammy Award-winning artist, is based on an off-Broadway musical and is about six New Yorkers who engage with one another on a stalled subway train.

“I think this is a really good time for the movie,” the “Foolish” singer told NewsDay this month. “I think people are becoming cold because we are under so much pressure and we are continuously worrying about how to just survive. This is a message that can let people know on both sides of the fence that it’s still OK to talk.”

Ashanti portrays a character named Eve who stands up for herself and others on the train when tensions rise.

Ashanti said it was the character’s strong yet gentle nature that appealed to her.

“This is something that I hadn’t done and I was like, ‘Wow, this could be something cool’,” the singer said. “And just reading the script, the reality just set in, as a New Yorker and understanding the subway, this could really happen.”

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