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‘Brilliant’: Kandi Burruss Shares New Video of 3-Year-Old Son Acing Mandarin

Kandi Burruss is a high-achieving business woman so it makes sense that her youngest child would be doing the same in school.

Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have enrolled 3-year-old Ace Wells Tucker into an international school and since last year, he’s been learning Mandarin. On Instagram Thursday, Burruss shared a new video with fans that revealed the progress the pre-schooler has made with his foreign language skills. The star’s followers were left feeling wowed by what they’re seeing.

The clip sees Ace reciting various numbers ranging from 1 to 10 in Mandarin, but he’s answering his Mandarin-speaking teacher in the Chinese language, too.

“My Ace is acing his mandarin school work!” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star captioned the video. “@acewellstucker has been going to international school for one year & he’s doing great! He’s 3yrs old & Im so proud of him!”

Fans flooded Burruss’ comments section with thousands upon thousands of remarks, which ranged from expressing how impressed they were to lending and asking for advice.

“The most amazing part is how well he understands HER 😳 The mind of a child is so capable & brilliant! Great job @kandi & Todd.”

“YAAAAASSSSS @kandi you better have your baby out here learning Mandarin!!! Come through Ace!!!”

“Omg kandi, this is freaking amazing…. My sis want to teach my 2yr old French…. For her to be speeching me off in another language with her sassy self.”

“Kandi this is the most important toil in a black mans life being able to have a second or third language……ps make yearly trips to China so he can submerged completely into the culture.”

“That is so impressive! Bb”

“But how do you maintain this at home!??? Are you learning Mandarin?”

Burruss then took time to respond to a few fans’ questions and comments, including the one above.

“@arieslovepink the school goes to the 6th grade. & then I’ll find a tutor. We’ll figure it out later I suppose.”

As for any other languages Ace will take on, Burruss said the toddler “will start Spanish when he’s in kindergarten.”

One of the first times the “RHOA” star shared a video of Ace’s Mandarin skills came in June 2018 when he was well on his way to getting his counting skills up.

“Check out my little Ace learning how to count in Mandarin,” Burruss wrote on Instagram of the video. “He goes to an international school & they start teaching the children at age 2. Half the school day is with his teacher that speaks to him in Mandarin & the other half of the day is in English. He loves the school! @acewellstucker.”

Burruss has since explained that her reasoning behind having Ace learn the language is because she sees him becoming a businessman and “a lot of business happens” in China.

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