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‘Impresionante!’ Kandi Burruss’ Son Ace Counts in Mandarin, and Fans Are Amazed

A new video of Kandi Burruss young son counting in Mandarin has earned loads of applause from her fans.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared some footage on her Instagram page Tuesday, March 12, of young Ace Wells Tucker completing a worksheet for school. The 3-year-old, who attends an international school, can be heard counting in Mandarin to decide which amount of faces is less than the other.

“My baby @acewellstucker is learning how to speak Mandarin,” Burruss wrote in the caption of the video. “This is him counting in mandarin doing his homework. I have no idea if he’s saying it right but I’m still proud of him anyway. My awesome 3yr old!”

“@kandi great job, only a great business, smart woman like you can think for a bright future. Great Mom!!”

“Ace is so smart…Kandi and Todd are doing an amazing job.💕”

“That’s crazy, if I’m correct I think Mandarin is one the hardest languages to learn. You gotta get him in the reboot of Smart Guy lol @kandi.”

“Impresionante! Go Ace you CAN do anything you put your mind to!!!”

“This is Awesome!! We know who will be the youngest international entrepreneur! 🙌🏽🖤”

Ace has shown off his Mandarin counting skills before.

Last year, the singer posted a video of the toddler counting from one to 10 in the language, which wowed her fans.

“Check out my little Ace learning how to count in Mandarin,” Burruss wrote on Instagram last June. “He goes to an international school & they start teaching the children at age 2. Half the school day is with his teacher that speaks to him in Mandarin & the other half of the day is in English. He loves the school!”

As for why Burruss elected to have her son learn the Chinese language, Burruss told one curious Instagram user she was looking out for her son’s future business endeavors as an adult.

“@therealisaiahwilliams because I thought it would be great for him as a business man when he gets older to be able to speak mandarin. A lot of business happens there.”

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