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50 Cent Tells Jill Scott He Loves Her, Erykah Badu Has a Word About It, and Fans Love the Whole Thing

It’s happened again. 50 Cent and Jill Scott had some Internet banter that bordered on flirtation.

They first did it earlier this month when the “Wanksta” rapper let Scott know that he never forgot about her getting kinky with a microphone last year.

“we been in a full blown relationship since,” he wrote to her then.

In this recent exchange, 50 responded to an Instagram message that Scott wrote about being a woman and feeling safe. Scott made the point that sometimes a woman has to seek security and other times she has to be the security.

“Women wanna feel and be safe. Sometimes you can just go where safety/security is,” wrote the soul singer.

“Unfortunately, other times, you must focus on center mass until the clip is empty. #metaphorbutnotreallyALSO I hate when the chick, in the movie, gets a chance to stop her assailant once and for all but only knocks him out and runs,” she added.

Scott’s words obviously touched something in 50, because he proclaimed his love.

“Ok now Jill I think I’m in Love wit you,” he wrote. “You are low key crazy as a mother f–ker hun?” 

“More than a lil bit in this crazy society,” Scott replied. “But @50cent, nobody has a bigger earned tick than you. Shaka Zulu,” she replied.

Erykah Badu eventually saw Scott’s post and wrote “UN safe,” which 50 responded to with sex talk.

“Oh no what are you doing here?” he asked the “Mama’s Gun” maker. “This must be the danger zone. Your s–t so good n—-s don’t even know where they are after they f–k wit you.”

Folks simply loved that Scott and 50 were messaging each other, and many found the whole thing humorous.

“I’m hollering!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Got to love these people sense of humor,” someone wrote.

“Im here for it! This is the next reality Love Jones,” wrote a second person.

But there were some who said the risqué talk was just a little too much for them, and they decided to bow out.

” I’m finna go to the kids table this too much,” one person commented.

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