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Phaedra Parks’ Son Hijacking Her Video Leaves Porsha Williams and Fans Cracking Up

Being a mom means sharing a lot — even if you have no intentions of doing so. That’s something Phaedra Parks saw recently when she tried to film a video of her using an Instagram filter.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded the video to her Instagram page Wednesday, April 17.

“Mmm,” Parks says while taking delight in her appearance before gently yet firmly scolding her son who enters the frame. “Get off my purple!”

“When your #baby won’t let you be great 😩 #momlife #motherandson 💜” the Atlanta-based attorney captioned the post.

The moment was hilarious and relatable to parents.

“All in the mix! Kids 😂”

“Cute!! Video bombing @ the end!!😅”

“Them Boys taking over any and every space where Mama at! 🤣”

“😂😂But wouldn’t have it any other way🥰 #TheyGrowTooFast”

The videobombing even made current “RHOA” star Porsha Williams burst into laughter.

phaedra parks

“Hahaha !!!” the new mom commented.

Williams remark is the latest sign of things being cordial between the duo once known as Frick and Frack.

Back in January, fans applauded when Williams complimented Parks on her fit figure.

“What waist,” the “RHOA” peach holder said of her pal’s seemingly nonexistent waist.

“Thanks sis 😘” Parks replied.

“@phaedraparks I hope you and @porsha4real get bk cool I loved y’all friendship.”

“@porsha4real ayyyyyyeee frick & frack.”

“@phaedraparks I miss you on Real Housewives of Atlanta. @porsha4real can’t do it alone. #frickandfrack❤️”

Another time that month, Parks posted an image of her posing alongside her Chicago radio host boyfriend Tone Kapone.

“This is too cute! He’s such a great guy,” Williams said.

It’s a marked change from the emotionally charged season 9 reunion, where Parks was exposed for spreading a rumor that Kandi Burruss wanted to drug and rape Williams in her supposed sex dungeon.

“I repeated it because I heard it,” Parks said. “Something was brought to me. I just repeated it.”

“Oh, Phaedra, that’s awful,” Williams said in response “Oh God, that’s so awful. …

“Do you understand how you have me looking in these streets? And how [Kandi] looks?” Williams added of Parks telling her that she heard about the supposed idea from Burruss herself. “This is not right. I would never lie on somebody and say something like that. I trust you as a friend. There’s nothing that I think you could tell me that would hurt me or damage somebody else. … You had all these opportunities to tell me the truth!”

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