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‘Didn’t She Want a Heads Up from Cynthia?’ Fans Call Foul On Nene Leakes for Sparring with Eva Marcille Over Being Mic’d

On part 3 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, Nene Leakes faces off with Eva Marcille about a similar issue she had with Cynthia Bailey previously.

When Marcille up and left Kandi Burruss’ soft opening for her second Old Lady Gang restaurant location amid questions surrounding her finances and housing, Leakes went after her. The star hoped to get the model to return to the eatery after she spoke to her. Marcille agreed to talk on the condition Leakes was not mic’d.

However, that did not happen.

Leakes approached Marcille sans cameras but was heard loud and clear via audio.

“You said ‘I’ma take my microphone off,’ and we had a whole conversation as you proceeded to walk to me under the understanding that I had that you didn’t have a microphone on. You, in fact, had a microphone on!” Marcille tells Leakes at the reunion, which airs Sunday, April 21.

Leakes asked for clarification and Marcille held firm.

“And said nothing to me about it, friend!” she says. “That’s what irritated me, because I thought your mic was off, and then we watched on TV, you didn’t call and tell me then that your mic was on.”

Marcille said she didn’t get a heads-up, something Leakes questioned.

“Why do I need to give you a heads-up?” Leakes says. “I had your back. But since you feeling some kind of way, I know where we are. I get where we are.”

Leakes may have balked at the idea of her alerting Marcille to being mic’d, but she was adamant about Bailey giving her a warning that Kenya Moore would be coming to her Seagram’s Escapes beverage launch party.

“Why you didn’t tell me that Kenya was coming?” Leakes said of Bailey on her YouTube channel in March after the reunion was filmed. “Since you felt I should have let Eva know because Eva has this issue with Yovanna [her Clark Atlanta University classmate], you should let me know that Kenya’s coming since she and I have an issue. Cynthia never told me anything. Now you’re gonna just have to see the finale to see what happens. That is the reason why me and Cynthia has fallen out.”

Knowing that, fans swiftly called out Leakes for her apparently hypocritical ways.

“Didn’t she want a heads up from Cynthia? 🧐”

“But she expected Cynthia to give her a heads up about Kenya. The contradictory and hypocrisy of it all. Over NeNe and this entitlement of hers.”

“So she denied Eva’s heads up… the same heads up she asked Cynthia for regarding Kenya? #okay 🤸🏾‍♀️”

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