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Burying the Hatchet?: Charlamagne Tha God Reaches Out to Wendy Williams, Schedules Friendly Outing

Wendy Williams‘ studio audience recently found out that she might be burying her longtime feud with Charlamagne Tha God. The two used to work together on the radio prior to “The Wendy Williams Show” but had a falling-out years ago.

On Wednesday’s episode, the talk show host said she spoke to Charlamagne after he phoned her. In fact, Williams admitted that her phone has been lighting up with several invitations recently.

Last week, the 54-year-old filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, her husband of over 20 years, after he was accused of fathering the child of his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson.

But before Charlamagne phoned Williams, DJ Boof, the person who plays music to her studio audience, called and extended a dinner invitation.

“I was minding my own business last night, reading my book — you know, I love to read — and all of a sudden my cellphone rings,” said Williams.
“[DJ Boof was] asking me out for dinner, and just at that time I got a knock on my door. I was like, ‘Boof or food?’”

The knock was actually from a food delivery person, but Williams told Boof she’d have dinner with him. “I will see you over the weekend,” she told him. “Pick me up on time.”

But that wasn’t the last phone call or dinner invitation Williams received that night, because soon after a certain “Breakfast Club” host called.

“It wasn’t Boof, it was Charlamagne,” she revealed, which got a huge cheer from the audience. “Charlamagne wanted to take me for dinner. So he says the night and he says the time, and I said I can’t go because I’m going out with Boof for dinner.”

Charlamagne then said that since he knows Boof they’ll both take Williams out, which she agreed to.

Besides “The Breakfast Club” host being Williams’ former sidekick on her New York radio show “The Wendy Williams Experience,” he’s also the one who introduced her ex to Hudson.

Charlamagne also said that he fell out with Williams because Hunter became upset with him for introducing Hudson to one of his friends.

And in February, Charlamagne called Williams’ estranged husband “a terrible human being” and urged his former co-host to leave him before he harms her further.

That’s because Hunter has also been accused of abusing Williams throughout their marriage.

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