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‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Blame ‘Messy Tatti’ After Young Bae Almost Comes to Blows With Miss Kitty

Young Bae and Miss Kitty‘s friendship seems to have came to an end after a recent “Black Ink Crew” teaser showed the two besties getting into a heated altercation.

Bae and Kitty have been friends since appearing on the series in 2016, but it’s safe to say that may no longer be the case. During a teaser clip for the April 10 episode, Bae learned from her castmate Tatti, that Kitty was apparently talking behind her Korean mother’s back. Bae’s mother was recently hired as the shop’s receptionist and according to Tatti, Kitty felt she didn’t belong at “Black Ink.”

“The other day we was in the shop and Kitty was talking about how she was so happy that Mama Bae is out,” Tatti told Young Bae in the teaser. “[She said] ‘Why we wasting money to pay your mama you should be able to take responsibility for yourself.'”

Young Bae
Young Bae Left) and Miss Kitty. (Photos: @VH1 @blackinkcrew screenshots)

Bae was clearly upset, seeing as her mom is being forced to head back to South Korea. The teaser then shows Bae and Kitty in a heated argument while security stands between them. At one point Bae yelled, “Hell, no!” while seemingly walking toward Kitty who responded back, “Whassup?”

However, “Black Ink” viewers pieced things together and realized that Tatti may have purposely started drama between the two besties. Why? It may have something to do with Bae and Kitty telling Tatti last episode that her boyfriend Teddy Ruks was seemingly cheating on her with their new tattoo artist Krystal and for that, Tatti apparently wants revenge.

“Tati caused that whole situation though 😮. She still mad at them for telling her about Teddy lying ass.”

“Tati upset Cos Ted is known to leave for the new girl in town (like her) now she wants to start sh-t because she has no friends in the shop 😴.”

“Kitty better watch herself cause Bae about it but I don’t think Kitty talk about her mom Tati just wanna start s–t!”

“So messy ass Tatti feel like kitty got in her relationship with teddy So she start some sh-t so she can get some get back😂 okay gurl 🙄.”

Other fans say Kitty was in the wrong if she did actually talk about Mama Bae.

“I love me some kitty but if she really said that about mama bae then she is wrong for that. Cause I love mama bae she should stay there with them❤️.”

“I hope Kitty didn’t say that I like them as friends 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

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