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Shaquille O’Neal Makes Cancer Patient’s Dream Come True With a Video Call in Answer to Tweet

Shaquille O’Neal has gone from a dominant NBA center to a successful product spokesman who seemingly brings happiness wherever he goes. And he certainly brought some of that glee to a woman who’s battling late-stage cancer after her daughter arranged a phone call.

“Hey everybody. My momma has stage four brain, lung and breast cancer and on her bucket list she wants to meet @SHAQ,” tweeted the daughter on April 4. “She loves him and he’s all she talks about. Help her get to meet him. Please, share share share.”

As of Monday, April 8, the tweet was shared over 62,000 times and at least one of those reposts got to O’Neal, who video called the mom.

The daughter also shared a screenshot of the conversation and thanked everyone for retweeting her message. She also shared another tweet on the same day and revealed that O’Neal called her mother a second time. Plus he plans to meet with her face to face.

“My phone started freezing but Shaq is now (per his request) our uncle Shaq,” the daughter wrote. “I’m so grateful he called her again and talked longer. I hate they had to meet under these circumstances but I’m still happy she got to talk to him.”

People were clearly touched, not only by the former NBA star video calling the woman, but also because her daughter made it happen.

“I am so happy she got her wish! this is amazing!” someone tweeted.

“This is awesome,” a second person commented. “Prayers up for your mama and everybody who loves her.”

Others said the phone call touched them, because they too had a personal experience with cancer.

“What a star…..good on him. I’m tearing up…I lost my mum to this cruel disease last Nov’ and I miss her terribly… Make every moment count with her Jess,” one person shared.

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