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‘Cardio Got Your Waist Disappearing’: Phaedra Parks’ Apparent Weight Loss Draws Huge Reaction from Fans

Phaedra Parks’ fitness regimen appears to be paying off.

The former star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” stepped out for a night on the town with boyfriend Tone Kapone as they attended the season 3 premiere of We TV’s “Hustle & Soul” on March 28.

Getting into the spirit of the Miami environment — and matching the name of the premiere’s location of The Pink TeaCup soul food restaurant — Parks was decked out in an all-fuchsia jumpsuit from Social Butterfly Boutique.

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink ~Lilly Pulitzer 💝” Parks captioned her Thursday Instagram post.


Phaedra Parks attended the “Hustle & Soul” season 3 premiere in Miami with boyfriend Tone Kapone (not pictured). (Photo: @phaedraparks/Instagram)

The ensemble did some good in enhancing Parks’ shape, and fans quickly took notice of her small waistline.

“What waist???”

“Oh that waist is SNATCHED’T! 👌🏽”

“All that good cardio 😉😉 got your waist disappearing! 😂”

“What waist motha of 2? 😍😍”

“When love pulls the weight off it’s 🔥”

“U lost weight 👀 u look good tho🔥”

Parks has been putting in the work to get her figure right in the last several months. One of the ways she’s been doing that is by consuming shakes from Flat Tummy Co., which she’s been touting on her Instagram page since September 2018.

However, that’s not the only way she’s been shedding the extra pounds.

Back in July 2018, the Atlanta-based lawyer and mortician posed in workout-ready gear against some gym equipment, proving she puts the work in to get that slim.

Parks has long been into staying fit, too. Back in her days as a star on “Housewives,” she and then-husband Apollo Nida released a workout DVD entitled “Phine Body.” It featured two sets of workouts geared toward giving participants the ultimate “donkey booty.” One zeroed in on training the lower body and the core, while the other was aimed at full-body sculpting.

Perhaps that’s what helped shape her firmly lifted rear-end, which caught the collective eye of fans on Instagram last month. Posing in a pink and black striped jumpsuit, Parks was clearly feeling herself writing in the caption, “Only look back if what’s behind you is worth seeing ~Phaedra or Ms. Parks if you nasty ☺️

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