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Birdman Tells Wendy Williams He’s Too Old For Facial Tattoos and Has Asked 50 Cent For Advice: ‘I Would Like to Get It Off’

There’s no rule that says a 50-year-old can’t have facial tattoos, but Birdman still wants his removed.

On Friday, The Cash Money mogul appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” with Juvenile to promote their joint album “Just Another Gangsta,” and he explained why he wants the tattoos gone. It’s something Birdman also asked 50 Cent about since the New York rapper already had his removed.

Birdman (left) said he consulted with 50 Cent (right) about removing his facial tattoos. (Photos: Getty Images, Prince Williams / Johnny Nunez)

“I didn’t want to take the heads off, I wanted to take the facial off,” said Birdman. “I was asking my partner 50 — shout out to 50 Cent — because he removed his tattoos, so I wanted to go to somebody who can take these tatts off my face. If I have to live with it I will, but I just felt like me being older I would like to get it off. But if not it is what it is.”

Williams then said it doesn’t matter if the tattoos are removed or not, because Birdman’s fiancée Toni Braxton will love him regardless, which the 50-year-old agreed with.

After the interview surfaced, many didn’t like the fact that Williams spoke to the Cash Money co-founder more than she did to Juvenile.

“Definitely wasn’t feeling how she did juvenile. I💕 juvenile,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“Felt bad for juvenile she barely spoke to him,” wrote another.

Others were annoyed that Williams seemed more interested in Birdman’s relationship with Braxton and his past dealings with Lil Wayne than she did Juvenile or the “Just Another Gangsta” project.

“Talk to Juvi, you asking more questions about Toni and Lil Wayne than anything else!!! SMH,” someone commented.

As far as the tattoo removal, 50 got rid of his because of movie roles, and it had nothing to do with age, like in Birdman’s case. In fact, the G-Unit rapper explained why he wanted his tatts removed in a 2010 interview with People.

“It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up,” he stated. “[It’s] an ongoing process.”

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