Toni Braxton Reveals Birdman Gave Her an Ultimatum on Picking a Wedding Date

Toni Braxton revealed that Birdman is through waiting on her to pick a date, so he gave her a hard deadline.

Braxton stopped by E! News this week and dished a little about having to plan a wedding and get married by the end of the year. “My guy [Birdman] said I have to pick a date by the end of the year.” She continued, “We have to get married before the year is out. He said ‘before next year.'”

The singer then mentioned that Birdman would get married to her anywhere, including a drive-through chapel in Las Vegas. “He said that we can go through a drive-through.”

Earlier, Braxton stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show” on Tuesday and spilled more tea about her wedding plans. She spoke about why it was difficult for her to set a date. “We almost had a date — well, we had two dates — but we were doing ‘Braxton Family Values‘ and we were going through a little drama, and I was like, ‘OK, the wedding is a good thing to get all of us sisters together,’ but I couldn’t get us all together”

She also let it be known that none of her sisters will be her maid of honor. She added that Jada Pinkett Smith would be the maid of honor instead. “None of them [will be my maid of honor], it’ll be my best friend, my girlfriend Jada,” the reality star said.

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