Harlem Rapper Melii Accused of Shading Meek Mill By Signing Deal With Tory Lanez: ‘I Never Intended to Snake Anyone’

Harlem rapper Melii recently signed to Tory Lanez‘s record label One Umbrella, but instead of being able to fully celebrate it, she’s now surrounded by controversy.

Because a lot of people probably figured Melii would sign to Meek Mill  as she was featured on the song “Wit the Sh-ts (W.T.S.)” off his “Championships” album and popped up in his “Intro” video.

Melii (left) signed with Tory Lanez (right) and his label instead that of Meek Mill (center), which was unexpected by many after her previous collaborations with Mill. (Photos: Getty Images, Johnny Nunez / Jerritt Clark / Roy Rochlin)

After Melii signed to One Umbrella, Lanez congratulated her on joining his team and dropping her debut release “Phases.” He posted that message on Instagram Wednesday, and Mill responded soon afterward.

“This a corny ass move on both y’all end,” wrote Mill in a now-deleted tweet.

From there, a lot of people blasted Melii, called her ungrateful and she answered them in an Instagram message that’s also been deleted. The up-and-coming rapper addressed leaving Mill’s “Motivation” tour as well and explained why she signed with One Umbrella.

“I got off tour because of a lot of behind the scenes things that were happening to me,” she wrote in a message that surfaced Thursday. “I made sure to go out my way to do things that can help me stay with the team cuz I genuinely wanted to be apart of the family but it just didn’t work out.”

“I never intended to snake anyone,” added Melii. “If anything I tried my best to work around many things that put me in uncomfortable situations. As a woman a lot of things I stood for weren’t there so I took the high road [and] gracefully removed myself.”

Melii also said she understands why Mill reacted emotionally but maintains she’s grateful for everything he’s done for her and won’t bad-mouth him. The rapper also said Lanez has been trying to sign her for quite some time, and One Umbrella was just a much better fit.

“My decision with going with Umbrella was based an offer that was already there from years ago n wanting to better my craft n where I felt i belonged,” she wrote.

There was also another Twitter message about the signing as well that at least one media outlet claims was the result of her account being hacked, and it was about Mill sexually harassing her.

“I ain’t wanna f–l him,” the message read. “He kept saying I was acting boujee, that I was another Nicki Minaj and when I’d speak up for myself he would call me crazy.”

Melii addressed the signing controversy on Friday, March 29, too, when she stopped by Hot 97 and spoke to Nessa Diab.

During that sit-down, the rapper said she regrets that everything played out on social media and wished all parties would’ve discussed things offline first.

You can hear that part of the interview below, starting at the 25:25 mark.

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