Folks Trash Migos Fan for Huge Tattoo of Only Two Members of the Rap Group: ‘The Disrespect’

A Migos fan got two huge tattoos of Quavo and Offset that received major attention. Not only because Offset shared the tatts on social media but because Takeoff, the third member of the group, was left out.

One could say that Quavo is the most popular member of the group for various reasons, plus he was the first of the trio to drop a solo project, “Quavo Huncho,” in 2018.

A Migos fan caused a stir by getting Offset and Quavo tattoos but leaving off Takeoff. (Photo: @offsetyrn Instagram / @yrntakeoff)

But since Offset began dating Cardi B and became a mainstay among gossip and Internet talk, he could be considered the most prominent member, while Takeoff seems to be the most low-key of the group. That didn’t stop Takeoff’s fans from blasting dedit98 for leaving him off, however.

“N—a ain’t get takeoff 👀👀👀👀 boy wild,” wrote one Instagram user.

“@yrntakeoff the disrespect to the best migo is unreal,” a second person chimed in.

“they be treating my son like he ain’t in the group 🤣,” wrote a third.

There was also one person who thought Takeoff should’ve been represented instead of his group members.

“They really picking Quavo over Takeoff? Smh,” that person wrote.

But others reminded people of the obvious, that dedit98 — who’s reportedly from Bali, Indonesia — only has two arms, and that’s why there’s no Takeoff — especially if he or she wanted to get just one group member on each arm. But dedit98 later revealed that a Takeoff tattoo is on its way.

“Next time I will put Takeoff,” wrote the Instagram user on Wednesday. 

Offset shared the image of the tattoos on Tuesday evening and thanked dedit9 for being such a huge fan.

“@dedit98 REAL FAN LOVE I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH THIS S–T 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” he wrote.


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