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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Phor Gets Real About Depression on ‘Steve’ Show: ‘I Kind of Just Gave Up on Myself’

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” actors Ryan Henry and Phor Brumfield appeared on Steve Harvey‘s talk show recently and got candid about mental illness.

For those who don’t know, Brumfield opened up about his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts last season during the “Black Ink” series. Although mental illness appears to be a battle he deals with on a daily basis, he’s making it his mission to bring light to the issue.

Brumfield and Henry both appeared on the March 26 “Steve” show and spoke about one of the most emotional episodes of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” where Brumfield said he was contemplating committing suicide.

Phor Brumfield

Ryan Henry (left) and Phor Brumfield. (@phoreverim@steveharvey/Instagram)

The “Chicago” rapper expressed to Harvey that at the time he was in a bad mental space while filming season 5 of the VH1 series.

“I was in a bad place,” Brumfield said. “Just with business, my relationship, I kind of just gave up on myself… The life in me was gone.”

Seemingly trying to fight back tears, the tattoo artist continued, “I just feel like I lost a lot of the love around me. … My family, they’re not in Chicago. I was trying to be there for everybody else but wasn’t strong enough to help myself.”

Brumfield said he was at a point where he just wasn’t “happy.”

Henry, who was instrumental in his longtime friend’s fight to overcome depression, said Brumfield has always been like family to him.

“Phor has always been my brother from another mother,” said Henry. “In that vulnerable state that’s not a friend I can just leave alone or just bypass.”

During the heartbreaking February episode of “Black Ink,” Brumfield’s brother Don Brumfield revealed that the Chicago native has been dealing with depression since he was a child, feeling that he was “better off dead.”

However, the rapper told Harvey that since the show, he’s been doing better and is still going to therapy sessions to help with his mental illness.

Since Phor’s appearance on the “Steve” show, fans have showered him with get-well wishes.

“Phor is so amazing. Everything about him so perfect and I see his heart. Just want to hug him thru my screen ❤.”

“This made me cry 😢 Thanks for sharing your story. #TurnPainIntoPower 👏🏽💗💯.”

“I commend you for being so open and honest about battling with depression… Great show! 🕊.”

“Thank you for speaking out Phor even if u saved one life today you did good Your someone Special♥️♥️♥️.”

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