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Tamar Braxton Wows as She Pays Tribute to ‘Living Legend’ Big Sis Toni Braxton

Tamar Braxton doesn’t think she resembles her older sister Toni Braxton, but she certainly can pull off a nearly identical rendition of one of Toni’s hit songs.

Tamar proved that in a recent Instagram video where a man off camera said she looks like Grammy-winning Toni along with their other singing sisters.

“If you could give me one good reason why I should believe you …” Tamar begins as she sings Toni’s 1994 hit “You Mean the World to Me.” The song, which was the fourth single from Toni’s self-titled debut album, peaked at no. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart that year.

Tamar nearly sang the entire first verse of the song up until the chorus, and along the way she mimicked her sis’s vocal tics perfectly.

Fans thought the star nailed her take on the tune.

“That whoop at the end laid me out!! You’ve got her down pack.”

“When there is another Toni Tribute you should perform.
You sound like her when you imítate her.”

“U got big sis Toni Braxton living legend down to a tee.”

“@tamarbraxton now u sound just like her i see yea.”

“Yeah certain riffs that u do, U do sound like ur sister, but he’ll u’ all hv great voices……#strnggenes.”

While mimicking her world-famous older sis is something not everyone can relate to exactly, what they can bond over is a sister’s propensity to steal her sibling’s clothing.

That’s what happened back in August 2018 while Toni was shooting her Lifetime holiday film “Every Day is Christmas.” Between takes Toni posted a selfie, and Tamar promptly noticed she was wearing her pajamas.

“She’s so BUSTED in MY pajamas that I have been looking for 🙄 @tonibraxton #pjthief,” Tamar wrote in her caption of the gussied up Toni in a pink button-up sleep shirt.

Toni was a good sister, however, and gave Tamar back her top. The next day, she updated fans that she returned the apparel and exchanged it for a robe.

“I gave @tamarbraxton her pajamas back, so now I’m on set in my robe 💃🏽,” she said in her caption on Instagram at the time.

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