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Lupita Nyong’o Captivates Co-Stars, Fans with Her Effortless Beauty: ‘She Snatches Souls’

Lupita Nyong’o isn’t currently publicly dating anyone, but, from the looks of it, she certainly could have two-time co-star Winston Duke if she wanted to.

A recent photo of the “Us” co-stars, who first worked together on last year’s blockbuster “Black Panther,” shows the pair looking delightful together as Duke holds Nyong’o from behind while the pair lock hands. The image, which was initially posted in full on Nyong’o’s Instagram page March 16, was snapped while the stars promoted their new Jordan Peele-directed horror flick in Germany.

“See the way lupita will just post up with your mans and there’s absolutely nothing u can do about it 😭,” tweeted freelance journalist Victoria Sanusi on Saturday.

lupita nyong'o

And it’s not the first time the star has been seen with her co-stars in a way that indicates she has a way of captivating them.

A follow-up tweet from Sanusi provided photographic evidence of Michael B. JordanDaniel Kaluuya and Chadwick Boseman all glancing lovingly at their “Black Panther” co-star. It also included another shot of Winston with Nyong’o.

lupita nyong'o

Twitter users couldn’t help but remark on Nyong’o’s clear ability to charm her hunky co-stars who have become the crushes of women all over.

“Lupita snatch souls🤞🏾😍”

“Pfft. That’s HER man. They all are.”

“I’d let her take my man. Idc. She can have anything she wants. 🥺💕”

“I’m just imagining that scene in Get Out where he finds the photos of the white girl with different black boyfriends. Except the girl is Lupita.”

Nyong’o appears to have chemistry with all of her co-stars, and, most notably, fans peeped her interactions with Jordan last year that were so palpable that dating rumors ensued.

Of course, it didn’t help that the pair added fuel to the flames by exchanging publicly flirtatious messages on social media last February days after “Black Panther” was released in theaters.

“@Lupita_Nyongo Bring them chocolate cakes back,” Jordan tweeted at the time. “You ready for round 2? #YouKnowYouWantThis.”

“No dessert until you come correct,” Nyong’o replied adding the hashtags #YouKnowYouWantThis #YouAintReady.

However, the tweets were later revealed to simply be part of an MTV game show “Safeword.”

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