‘I Do Not Take My Life for Granted’: RHOA Star Cynthia Bailey Shows Photo of Removed Benign Tumor Following Health Scare

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey recently took a moment to reflect back on the lipoma tumor she had surgically removed last year from her back.

The reality television veteran noticed an odd growth on her body last year and attributed it to back fat, but it kept growing. She eventually went to the doctor who revealed to her that the lump was a lipmoma tumor, which is a fatty tumor that grows in the body’s immune system.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey. @cynthiabailey/Instagram)

Bailey who is clearly grateful for her health, took to social media last week, reflecting back on how her life could’ve changed in a matter of minutes if the tumor was found cancerous.

“Last year this time, I had a lipoma tumor removed from my back. Thank God it was non-cancerous. However, I can’t help but wonder sometimes what if it had been,” the 52-year-old posted on Instagram March 15 along with a pictures that showed her post surgery mark covered with a bandage and of the tumor itself.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey. @cynthiabailey/Instagram)

“My life could have changed overnight. Woke up feeling so blessed and full of gratitude this morning. I do not take my life, or my health for granted. I choose to focus on the things that are healthy for my mind, body, spirit and soul.”

Bailey also urged people to remove all “toxicity” out of their lives and thanked God for the humbling experience.

“Thank you God for continuously blessing me, and directing me towards love, light, and peace. I am forever humbled and grateful to you,” she continued. “Not my will, God’s will be done🙏🏾 #reflection #52cynt #gratitude #godsplan.”

The heartfelt post prompted fans to shower her with positive comments.

“So encouraging 🙏, thank u for sharing ur testimony with us,” one person wrote underneath the star’s comments. ” I’m glad you are doing ok now.”

“Your so so BEAUTIFUL SHINE in your light my love the Gods don’t make mistakes,” another added. “Thanks for sharing ❤.”

“❤❤ Beautifully said sista,” someone else commented. “Thanks for reminding us that life is a blessing and it’s oftentimes not long enough. We must live it with gratefulness and to the fullest. Be blessed.”

Bailey told People in April 2018 that she first noticed the large growth on her back in February but didn’t think much about it until she found out it was a tumor. She explained how terrified she was because she assumed it was cancerous.

“I was scared because as soon as I heard the word tumor, I immediately thought cancer,” she said.

She however had the tumor removed although doctors had a little difficulty. However, in the end all lipoma was successfully removed near the back of her left shoulder blade.

“Surgery went well, however it went much longer than expected because the tumor was embedded very deeply in my back and partially under a muscle,” Bailey explained. “It was also larger than expected. In the end, thankfully all the lipoma was removed successfully, and it is benign.”

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