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Lil Wayne Says He Hates ‘Fake Butts,’ Fans Chime in

His protégé Nicki Minaj is said to have a surgically enhanced butt, and it seems many other women in and out of hip-hop do too, but Lil Wayne says he likes the real ones.

The New Orleans rapper recently shared a video on Instagram and talked about his preference for all-natural backsides, mainly for how they feel.

Lil Wayne talked about the difference between real and fake butts in a video. (Photo: Getty Images, Riccardo S. Savi)

“Real asses. I’m sorry. I’m a real ass guy,” he said in the clip posted on Tuesday. “Sorry, the fake asses, sometimes they be hard, like, you know, they not done right. I don’t know what done right actually is, ‘cause the ones that are hard, when you feel ‘em, they look the best though.”

“Soon as you touch it, it’s just like you touched a rock or stone or something,” he added. “It’s not what’s up. But the ones that’s not done all the way right, but you know it’s fake, ooh ooh, that’s good. Lord have mercy. That’s a good bum booty right there.”

Probably as he intended, Wayne’s comments set off a whole debate about fake and real booties and which are better.

“Can dig it,” one person commented. “Appreciate the real, in an artificial world. I like real ass, emotions, reality is the perfect world. Gotta learn to appreciate the truth even if it hurts. Love the hate, it’s a thin line.”

“I don’t give 10 f-ks if it’s real or not,” someone else wrote.

“All natural females are better and always will be. All that fake sh-t is just ugly and unattractive af,” a third person expressed.

Wayne’s preference for real booties differs from Bow Wow‘s, who said he doesn’t mind fake ones as long as they’re properly done.

“If the job is done right on a fake ass then yes,” he said on VladTV in 2018. “If it’s done bad, like the little legs and then they got the big ass with little pencil legs, that sh-t is terrible to me.”

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