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Who’s Who? Fans Can’t Tell the Difference Between Toya Wright and Her Daughter Reginae

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality veteran Toya Wright recently posted a photo of and her loved ones, and fans were trying to differentiate the star from her 20-year-old daughter Reginae Carter.

People often flood both Wright and her daughter’s posts with comments on how much they resemble each other, but it seems fans are also having a hard time telling them apart . Wright took to Instagram on March 11 and shared an image of herself and her daughters Carter and 1-year-old Reign Rushing. She wrote in her caption, “Sunday funday with my girls 💕.”

Toya Wright

Reginae Carter, Reign Rushing and Toya Wright. (@toyawright/Instagram)

In one photo, which appeared to be taken at Wright’s Atlanta home, both the 36-year-old and Carter were squatting down, hovering over baby Reign with their faces partially obscured, especially Carter’s. It wasn’t until they posed for a photo together, looking straight at the camera, that some fans could tell Wright from Carter.

Toya Wright

Reginae Carter, Toya Wright and Toya’s niece Anisha Johnson. (Photo: @toyawright/Instagram)

“I almost couldn’t tell you & @colormenae apart lol,” one person commented underneath Wright’s photo. ” Toya had that baby all by herself 😍❤️!”

Another added, “Am I the only one who realized who was who in the other picture lol.’

“Lord I couldn’t which was which until the last photo of them lol ya’ll are twins,” someone else wrote.

Wright expressed in the past that she’s extremely protective of her children and tries to ignore the social media trolls who often bash her and her children.

“I honestly don’t pay attention to the haters,” Wright told Cosmopolitan in a December 2017 interview, a few months before the birth of her 1-year-old. “UNLESS, someone says something about my daughter and then Mama Bear kicks in. I don’t care what people say about me, but kids are off limits. Social media is a blessing and a curse, but it is great for my businesses.”

The mother of two’s relationship with Carter has often been criticized by folks who feel she isn’t hard enough on her eldest child. Wright, however, explained that she’s not only her daughter’s mother, she’s also her friend.

“Reginae and I are very close,” Wright further told Cosmopolitan. “I’m not only her mother, but her friend. When I first had Reginae, I had so much support from my family and of course her Dad, Wayne. The advice I would give to any parent is always be open with your children. We have been very blessed!”

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