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Marlo Hampton Hugely Shades Eva Marcille: ‘She’s an Instagram Model’

Marlo Hampton is never afraid to keep it real shady in front of the cameras, and she didn’t deviate from the norm when it came to Eva Marcille’s modeling career recently.

As she and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Cynthia Bailey appeared on “What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Sunday, Hampton treated viewers to her signature shade.

One fan asked about where the businesswoman’s friendship with the “America’s Next Top Model” winner stood following their diss-heavy argument on the bus in Tokyo earlier this season.

“Eva and I are good,” Hampton begins. “Yeah, we’re good. I’m loving her though because you know now, she’s an Instagram model. She has some amazing pictures.”

The remark led to some surprised laughter from the audience, and host Andy Cohen furrowed his brow.

“She is!” Hampton continues. “Her last five posts are freakin’ amazing!”

“But why are you saying she’s an Instagram model?” Bailey asks.

“‘Cause she’s AWOL from the runway but killing Instagram! Killing Instagram! She really is! I wasn’t being shady! She looks amazing! Look at her last five posts on Instagram!” Hampton insists.

Yet, while Hampton insisted she was not throwing shade at the peach holder, viewers readily agreed that she had, in fact, done just that.

“Marlo with the Eva shade 😩😭 #wwhl #rhoa.”

“Marlo was so shady calling Eva an Instagram model 🤦🏽‍♂️ what’s even funnier is that her last couple pics she talked about arent even model pics lolol #WWHL.”

“Marlo just made me go to Eva’s Instagram page and look at her posts. She’s so shady😂😂😂 #wwhl #RHOA.”

“Marlo threw good shade Eva!”

A fan made Marcille aware of the remark on Instagram, and it looks as if she took it in stride.

marlo hampton

It seems Hampton may have been trying to redeem herself from being completely shut down by Marcille when the two traded various low blows during a girls trip to Japan. During the trek, Hampton slammed Marcille’s style, while the model dissed her ability to fit into clothes. Hampton hit back with a “your mother,” which Marcille didn’t take kindly to. Next, Hampton demanded Marcille go on a smoke break and said doing so makes her unable to breastfeed.

“Have a child!” Marcille hit back. “You so bitter, Ima pray for you.”

After Marcille bragged about her two kids, Hampton pointed out the boy and girl have two different fathers.

“You got two kids by two different men!” she said.

“And you have what? You have nothing. You have what’s on your wrist and that ill-fitting wig you wearing. That’s about what we got, so sit it back,” the model fired off.

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