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Nene Leakes Says Eva Marcille’s Diss About Marlo Hampton’s Lack of Children Was a ‘Low Blow’ But Fans Aren’t Having It

Marlo Hampton was shamed for not having kids during a girls’ trip to Tokyo but the star is now dishing on whether or not she’d like to have a family of her own someday.

While venturing out in the Japanese city on a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Hampton got read for filth by Eva Marcille, who threw the trip as a bachelorette celebration.

“What do you have? … You have nothing but what’s on that wrist and that ill-fitted wig you wearing! That’s ’bout what we got. Send it back!” Marcille exclaimed after Hampton dug into the model about having two children with two different fathers.

However, Hampton took the high road when discussing the matter with pal Nene Leakes, who said Marcille’s remarks “was a low blow.”

“‘Oh, I have a husband and I have kids.’ OK, that’s your happy and I’m glad for you to be happy and you have that.” Hampton says. “I don’t have that. So this is my happy so let me respect you’re happy with your husband and your kids and respect I’m happy with my 14 nephews and with me.”

Leakes chimed in to mention Hampton has told her before that she’d like to have a baby.

“I go back and forth,” Hampton, a stylist, admits. “I know one minute I do wanna have children, next minute I thought, ‘These are some bad ass kids!’ I just may become a foster parent. And I want to become a foster parent to kids that are gonna go back to their parents.”

She added that “society will try and make you look so bad” for not wanting a family and mused about how much work it would be to have to look after a child.

“I feel like if it’s meant to be, it’ll be,” Hampton said.

While Leakes supported her friend, fans online weren’t quite as kind and called out Hampton for her meanness.

“Child Boo, Marlo can dish it she should be able to take it, SMH.”

“Ok… but what about what Marlo said to provoke her to say that?🙄 Nene being fake right about now.”

“Please how many low blows did Marlo give Kenya? Nene how many low blows have you given almost all the women on the show?”

“Why play victim after you started and got played out😂😂😂”

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