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‘Black Ink Crew’ Member Sky Days Fires Off on Former Co-Star Dutchess, Loses Fans’ Respect: ‘Just Sad’

Black Ink Crew” actress Sky Days is receiving flak for attacking her former cast mate Dutchess Lattimore on social media last Friday.

It’s no secret that Days and Lattimore aren’t the biggest fans of each other, but folks assumed their feud was over until Lattimore was rumored to be returning to the show for the upcoming season.

The season 7 trailer for the New York franchise of “Black Ink Crew” dropped on March 6, and one of the most anticipated scenes from it was the alleged return of Lattimore, shop owner Ceaser Emanuel‘s ex-fiancée. The trailer presented an audio recording with her voice on it and showed a woman who apparently resembled Lattimore from behind.

Sky Days

Sky Days (left) and Dutchess Lattimore. (Photos: @flytattedsky, @dutchessofink/Instagram)

However, the “Pretty Ink” owner denied making any appearance on the VH1 series and claimed producers and the cast bamboozled viewers.

“Not once did u see my face cause it’s not me,” Lattimore wrote. “They were very strategic in the mind game they just played on viewers and it’s sad.”

She also shared a post, seemingly warning the original “Black Ink” cast to keep “my name out your mouth.”

It appears that Days caught wind of Lattimore’s evident admonition and fired back with a post of her own. She took to her Instagram story on March 8 and shared a clip of Lattimore’s appearance on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” that aired earlier in January. The scene included the North Carolina native breaking down into tears after opening up about her suicide attempts due to being on the reality show.

Days ostensibly showed no sympathy for her ex-cast mate’s tears or emotions and called her an “ole victim a– b–ch.”

“This b–ch is such a f–king victim,” Days said in her video rant about Lattimore. “You ole dirty a– bum a– b–ch! Talking s–t about us [Black Ink Crew Cast]! Wash you f–king a– you ball of dust! I wanna pledge this b–ch!”

Social media witnessed Days’ rage towards Lattimore firsthand online and felt she was in the wrong.

“Sky needs to grow up,” one person commented. “Stfu Sky and leave her alone 🤦🏾‍.”

“This is just sad af smh 🤔,” another added. “I’m sure Dutchess is living her best life not worried about Sky!! 🙄Go fix your relationship with the two sons you don’t give a s–t about..🤦🏾‍♀️.”

“Sky need to do something like be a REAL mother. Or do something about that shop. She talking s–t she need to be tryna get on Iyanla too 😒.”

Others who were not fans of Lattimore agreed with Days’ outrage.

“LMAO I LOVE SKY! Dutchess got on my last nerve always playing victim 🙄.”

“Right Sky that b–ch always crying and wanna be a victim so bad. She’s evil af!”

Days and Lattimore’s beef began in December 2017, when Lattimore supposedly used Days’ estranged son Genesis against her. The “Pretty Ink” owner allowed the then-18-year-old to do an interview about Days suggesting that she was a bad mother for giving him up for adoption when he was a child.

Lattimore denied having anything to do with Genesis wanting to do an interview about Days and said she didn’t monetarily benefit from this situation or at all for that matter. Days still doesn’t believe Lattimore and verbally promised to “beat her up” next time they see each other.

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