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Too Old? Photo of Lil Mo’s Son Using Pacifier Sparks Heated Parenting Debate

R&B singer Lil Mo caught flack from fans this week over a photo of her 3-year-old son with a pacifier in his mouth. However, the “Hot Boyz” singer made it crystal clear that when you come for her kids — she’s coming for you.

On Saturday, Mo, whose given name is Cynthia Karen Loving, shared a photo of she and her husband Karl Dargan and their son, Karl Dargan Jr., walking the runway at designer Lamont Lateef’s show for Philly Fashion Week. The mom-of-five graced the catwalk wearing a see-through mesh body suit with matching bra and panties, and topped off the look with an oversized khaki and denim jacket.

Lil Mo

Fans blasted critics for commenting on Lil Mo’s son, arguing that “children are off limits.” (Instagram / @thelilmoshow)

Her most adorable accessory was her young son, who clung to her side as they walked the runway together.

“IT was LIT!!!’ NO CAP!!,” Mo captioned the photo, posted on Instagram. “#thedargans walked in the @montbrown@lamontlateef philly fashion week show!! THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE. Chapo hopped on stage and the crowd went UP!! #2300arena #lamontlateefcollection.”

Fans weren’t feeling Mo’s outfit, however, and were equally appalled by the pacifier hanging from her baby boy’s mouth. The criticism sparked an intense debate on how long is too long for children to be using pacifiers.

“So we’re all just gonna ignore the pacifier in that grown man’s mouth?” one fan commented.

Mo’ wasted no time hitting back: “It’s my child … play with my son and I’ll make sure you live on a colostomy bag forever. No cap, BITCH. We will find you.”

Her empty threats did little to quell the criticism, as fans continued going in on her.

“Take that binky out of his mouth before it mess up his teeth that’s growing in!” one critic demanded.

“The mother has on a Stocking cap body suit & her 5 year old son has a pacifier 🤦🏽‍♀️😂,” another chimed in.”

“Throw the whole pic away! I’m so confused out this whole situation … he bout to graduate from college and still got a pacifier like wtf is goin on 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔,” one critic joked.

Another even accused Mo of “lazy parenting.”

The hate raged on, but there were those who rushed to the singer’s defense and reminded critics that children were absolutely off limits.

“Black folk…🤦🏽‍♀️ Whyyyy do we feel it’s okay to be so toxic?! *CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS; PERIOD! 🤬🤬🤬,” one woman wrote.

“I understand people thing the baby is too old for the pacifier, but why do y’all think it’s ok to tell someone about their children?!,” another added. “This is insane. Mind your dayum business. The good thing about social media is you can just scroll past. Learn that!”

“He does look to old for the Binkie,” one fan acknowledged, “but it’s her kid. We all had our own kids and did what we wanted, thought or needed to do for them. Besides, @thelilmoshow has a couple more kids. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.”

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