Nene Leakes Reveals She Has No Skeletons in Her Closet After ‘RHOA’ Ruckus Over the Space

Nene Leakes did not take kindly to Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams finding their way upstairs and entering into her closet on Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But now she’s showing off the space on her own terms in an effort to answer fan speculation about why she was so adamant about keeping nosy parkers out.

On March 5, Leakes uploaded to Instagram a 2017 video of her closet tour, which she shared with Bravo that November. The post was a promotion for the O.G. ‘wife’s new YouTube channel “The Life of Nene.”

“Welcome to my closet!” she wrote on her page Tuesday. “Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get the full 100 % Authentic Nene and a tour of my home, my real feelings abt what happened in the closet, my home surveillance camera footage from the bye wig party and more. Link in my bio #casaleakes #lifeofnene.”

Fans noticed that the star was obviously giddy about showing off her closet now but demanded Burruss and Williams step out of it when the “RHOA” episode aired March 3. When a cameraman started to follow Burruss and Williams into the closet, Leakes pulled him back by his shirt and said, “I will f— you up.”

“Now u want 2 show your closet.lmao, really.”

“B— bye .. did all that clowning for no reason 🤦🏽‍♀️”


“So, that last episode of RHOA and the whole closet drama was just a set up for you to launch your YouTube channel about your closet?.. 🤔”

Fans have been debating about whether or not Leakes overreacted in the incident, which reportedly led to a $200,000 fine for Leakes when she grabbed the crew member.

However, Leakes has been adamant that she was right to get upset about her closet being invaded.

“I cannot show my closet because my closet is not organized. I’ve been traveling for weeks, Gregg has been in and out of the hospital, I have luggages laying in my floor … I wouldn’t want anybody to see it unorganized,” Leakes said she told production in a video about the incident on her YouTube channel.

The star acknowledged that she may not have minded the ladies seeing her closet sans cameras, but the public didn’t need to see the closet disorganized.

However, once Burruss and Leakes went into the closet, the cameraman followed at the word of Leakes’ producer.

“That’s how it escalated,” she explained in the video. “These girls have a habit of disrespecting each other’s home. … You not gon’ disrespect my house at all. … I’m from the South, first of all. When somebody say, ‘Come in and sit right here,’ you come in and sit right here. You don’t come in and you start wandering all over their house.”

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