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50 Cent Announces Partnership With Outerwear Company Goose Country to Benefit Low-Income Communities

50 Cent may spend a lot of his social media time trolling and dissing others, but he recently used it to announce a good cause.

On Sunday the “Candy Shop” rapper took to Instagram and said he’s working with the New York-based outerwear company Goose Country to give back. The company and rapper have announced that “5 percent of all online sales” will be donated to 50’s The G-Unity Foundation, and that money will be used to help low-income communities.

“You know the vibes Goose Country is doing the right thing support company’s that are minority owned and giving back to low income community’s. 🤨get the jacket now,” wrote 50.

Despite the company just starting in 2018, it has already received massive support from celebrities other than 50. On its Instagram page, people like Snoop Dogg are seen wearing one of its designs, as well as Fabolous, Tory Lanez, boxer Adrien Broner and Lil Durk.

According to Goose Country’s website, the owner Rico Hundo and the rest of the founders used to be premium manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in New York and they also played a big role in New York’s leather fashion scene in the ’80s and ’90s, so their signature V-Bomber jacket is inspired by that time period.

50 was seen wearing one of those jackets in a Dec. 29 post on Goose Country’s Instagram page. He was also seen sporting another Goose Country jackets in a photo with comedian Michael Blackson, which Hundo said is an honor.

“We are thankful to have support from a such a business-minded mogul who represents our generation,” he said of 50. “My inspiration behind Goose Country is so as minorities we can have a luxury item that goes back to helping our own.”

Some acknowledged that 50 is working with Goose Country and said it’s a wonderful move for him to make.

“Excellent post 50!!!” someone wrote. “ See how low the support is. They know that if they support black we will rise up so fast it won’t be funny.”

“Ok, not bad!” a second person commented. “Im def down for keeping black money with black money as often as i can.”

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