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‘So Embarrassed’: Kenya Moore Booted from Restaurant for Changing Baby’s Diaper In Public

Kenya Moore recently had an embarrassing parent moment while traveling and decided to share it with fans as she promoted an app for new moms.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum on Thursday dished that she recently went to an airport with baby girl Brooklyn Doris Daly when the infant needed a diaper change.

“I’m so embarrassed, so I’m traveling to New York last week with Brooklyn, I go in the restaurant to have a bite to eat before my flight and she has a complete blowout,” Moore tells fans in her Feb. 28 Instagram Story of the airport restaurant incident. “I put her down on the seat, I change her and then a manager comes over to me later with a plastic bag and says, ‘number 1, you’re not supposed to change diapers in a restaurant’ — OK, who knew that? —and ‘number 2, here’s the bag for the dirty diaper and you can take the fecal matter basically out with you.’

“I cannot tell you how embarrassed I was,” she added.

The admission came ahead of a promo for the app, Peanut, which allows moms to speak with women in their community who have common interests — like child care — and learn about things like where you’re allowed to change a diaper and how to find good baby sitters.

Moore’s disclosure was welcome to fans who could relate or sympathize with the new mom moment.

“Beautiful Mother and Daughter ❤️❤️❤️ So sorry to hear about your incident.”

“Oh Wow😨😨 yeah being a new Mom is a Everyday Learning Task & Experiences.”

“I wouldn’t have cared but you know how some folks are.”

“S–t happens 🙃❤️ ”

“Kicking you out AND brooklyn…im sorry but thats a bit much😡”

However, some wondered what made Moore think it was OK to change a 3-month-old who had such a massive bowel movement next to a table off which people eat.

“Why would you change your child’s diaper where people are eating?? Love you but that’s common sense.”

“@thekenyamoore I’m sorry I have to disagree with those who feel you did nothing wrong. I work in healthcare. Changing beautiful Brooklyn’s diaper in the restaurant was not acceptable. Most airport bathrooms have changing stations. Or you could have stepped out of the restaurant to do it. JMO”

Moore explained to some that there were no other people sitting around her and that there are no restrooms in airport restaurants. As such, she elected to change her baby on a pad on the seat

The “RHOA” star also said she only recently learned that it was against New York code to change a baby at a restaurant table.

“Thanks for your input learning every day,” she said in part.

kenya moore

kenya moore

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