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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ciara’s Baby Girl Sienna Steals Mama’s Wig Much Like Dad Russell Wilson

Ciara’s daughter may be giving her mama a run for her money by channeling her look-alike dad, Russell Wilson.

The singer uploaded a video on her Instagram page Tuesday showing 1-year-old Sienna Princess Wilson rocking one of her superstar mom’s lace-front wigs.

“I just can’t. Princess Sienna is too much. The Lace ain’t ready 🤣🤣🤣 #Girls,” Ciara captioned the adorable Feb. 26 video.

As the youngster parades around in the Peruvian water-wave wig, she gets lots of “oohs and ahhs” from those around her.


Russell Wilson and Ciara arrive at the Recording Academy and Clive Davis’ 2019 Grammy Awards gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Feb. 9, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

“Ooh, Sienna!” mom Ciara exclaims. “Can we see? Oooooh! Mama, come show us! C’mon, SiSi! Wow!”

The cute video got lots of responses from fans.

“Can’t knock my hustle #sienna 😁”

“Aww she’s so adorable she’s ready to take over the world ha ha cute”

“She is to cute and serious about her mom’s wig too😘💖”

“Looking like her daddy with a wig on 😂”

And it’s from her dad where she apparently gets her penchant for swiping her singer mom’s wigs.

“Daddy and Baby SiSi stealing mommas wigs hahaha….😂😂 #Moana,” the Seattle Seahawks quarterback commented, referencing the hair of Disney princess Moana that his daughter seems to want to emulate.

“@dangerusswilson you and her 🤣🤣” replied Ciara


It’s not just the wig-wearing that Sienna gets from her dad, either. Plenty of fans remarked about how much the father-daughter duo resembles each other.

“Her daddy right there ❤️❤️”

“@dillonr21 she looks like her daddy😍”

“Daddy’s Twin🦋🦋”

The pair share more than just facial features together. Or at least, they try to at Wilson’s request.

Recently, Wilson tried to get some affection from Ciara before the couple headed out on a date night. But the QB was no match for his determined toddler who continued to block his kisses with her tiny arm. Sienna did, however, allow him to get some smooches placed on her cheek as her dad managed to sneak in a few kisses with Ciara.

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