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‘Ugh!’ Meghan McCain Reaches New Low While Repeatedly Interrupting Sunny Hostin’s Attempt to Explain Bill

What began as a civil discussion on climate change quickly devolved into an off-the-rails rant by The View‘s Meghan McCain, who mercilessly dubbed Democrats the “party of infanticide” after they voted down a Republican bill protecting infants of failed abortions.

Co-host Sunny Hostin stepped in to school McCain on the issue and why Dems voted against it, but McCain refused to hear any of it.

Meghan McCain

Co-host Sunny Hostin (left) tried explaining there are already protections in place for infants who survive abortions, but Meghan McCain wasn’t hearing any of it. (The View / video screenshot)

“In terms of the bill that the Senate Dems blocked yesterday, my understanding is that the reason that it was blocked is because [the] Dems felt there was not a need for a new law,” Hostin began, explaining that the Born Alive Infants Protection Act already exists.

“Under the bill that was proposed, it required that all babies born alive be immediately transferred to a hospital, and that’s not always safe for a newborn,” she added, explaining that Democrats also voted no because approving the bill “would impose legal and criminal penalties on doctors who don’t comply with moving the infant, even if it is not in the best interests of the infant.”

“So you think a baby of a botched abortion should be put down like a dog or a cat?!” McCain interjected. “So those babies should just be left to die on a table? It’s disgusting.”

The former Fox News contributor continued talking over her co-host’s point while audibly expressing her disgust, but Hostin pressed on.

Hostin, who is pro-life, noted that failed abortions are “extremely rare” and that doctors are required by law to give medical care to an infant regardless.

The explanation did little to calm McCain, who launched into a rant all over again.

“If the Democratic Party wants to be the party of infanticide, it’s their choice,” she snapped.

“All right we got it, we got it,” co-host Joy Behar said before moving on.

Watch more in the video below.

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