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‘Twinning with Her Dad:’ Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Is the Spitting Image of Her Husband Marc Daly

As Kenya Moore’s baby girl continues to grow, she’s looking more and more like her dad Marc Daly every day.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum marveled at that fact when they glimpsed a cute video of Brooklyn Daly that was uploaded to the infant’s Instagram page Monday.

“I always wake up in a good mood 👶🏽” read the caption of the video. The 3-month-old had just awakened from a nap in her electronic Mamaroo baby swing and cooed and giggled as her mom spoke to her.

Several fans remarked about the baby’s beauty.

“Sooo precious and beautiful.”

“Awww she’s such a pretty little lady 💜”

“She gets more and more beautiful as she grows, gorgeous👑”

But many others couldn’t believe how much Brooklyn already resembles her New York-based restaurateur dad.

“Daddy’s twin!!!! My son hates his mamaroo with passion.”

“Can’t believe how much she looks like her dad! Such a beautiful baby girl! 😍❤️”

“My goodness you look so much like your daddy.”

“She is her dad’s twin congratulations Kenya”

“Awww you your daddy’s twin😍”

“Cutie twinning w/her dad!”

While Daly may have his twin in his baby girl, perhaps Moore will get a look-alike when she gears up to have a little boy.

The 48-year-old mom disclosed to People magazine that she hopes to add to her family and have a son next.

“I don’t know if my body can do it, but we would love to have one more,” Moore told the magazine in December. “I want a little boy!”

“At first, when I was starting to feel really bad in my pregnancy, I was like, ‘I cannot possibly do this again,'” she added. “But within the first week after giving birth, I don’t know — I missed the baby bump! I missed the whole thing of carrying her, feeling her move inside me and all that stuff. I would love to feel that again.”

Having a second child would put make Moore a second-time mom but make her husband a father of four. Daly already had two other children, one a teenager and another an adult, from a previous relationship. That experience has helped ease the transition for Moore from being solely a pet parent to Yorkies Twirl and King to being a real mom.

“He has been the best father,” Moore told the publication. “He changes her diaper. He even tried to dress her one day. He lays her on her stomach and they watch TV and just hang out together. He talks to her the whole time. He really has been the most incredible doting dad. It just makes me have more respect for him.”

Daly has put those doting dad skills on display recently when Moore showed him slow dancing with their baby girl on Instagram Live over the weekend. The moment was so moving that mom even shed a tear or two.

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