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YNW Melly May Be a Suspect In Death of Florida Police Officer While Also Facing Double Murder Charge

YNW Melly, real name, Jamell Demons, is already in a slew of trouble after recently being accused of murdering his two friends in Miramar, Fla. earlier this month. And now he may be facing another murder charge.

Vernonews reports that police in Gifford, Fla. are looking to question 19-year-old Demons in connection with the 2017 shooting and death of Deputy Garry Chambliss of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department.

Police in Florida want to speak with YNW Melly about the murder of a deputy.


They also want to speak with the 20-year-old rapper YNW Bortlen, real name Cortlen Henry, Demons other group member, who was also charged in the Miramar murders.

The rappers haven’t been officially charged, nor are they suspects in the Gifford case, but police placed both men at the location where Chambliss was shot.

In fact, two inside sources, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that both Demons and Henry were standing with a group of men and firing shots on the day Chambliss was killed. At the time, he was standing 170 yards away.

Many in Gifford knew the men were present the day the deputy was killed, and police believe one of rappers ended up shooting him.

At this point, detectives would like to speak with Demons and Henry, especially now since they’ve been charged with the killings in Miramar.

“After that shooting in Miramar, our detectives will be following up for possible information in connection to the Garry Chambliss homicide,” said Capt. Tony Consalo in the Feb 21 report. “Perhaps, given their current situation, they might be able to shed some light on the case.”

The sources also stated that one of the men in the group who the rappers were standing with threw a bottle at a moving car, and the driver of that vehicle grabbed a gun then fired. It was said one of the men shot back, and the bullet struck Chambliss.

A witness also confirmed that he or she saw three people in the group who fired guns but couldn’t identify who actually killed Chambliss.

Eventually, Makhail Chambliss, a distant relative of the late deputy, who was in that group, was charged with “discharging a firearm from a vehicle.” But the bullets found in his gun didn’t match the ones that killed the officer. The sources also said Makhail used to hangout with Demons and Henry at one point.

On Wednesday Feb. 15, Demons turned himself into Broward County officials and was charged with two counts of first degree murder, as was Cortlen for the Miramar crimes.

Demons is accused of killing 21-year-old Anthony Williams and 19-year-old Christopher Thomas on Oct. 26, 2018 after they died from multiple gunshot wounds.

After the shooting, Cortlen reportedly drove the two victims to a nearby hospital in his jeep and said he, Demons and the victims were the targets of a drive-by shooting. But when police further investigated, the evidence didn’t match up with those claims.

Later, they said Demons actually killed his two friends, tried to make it look like a drive-by and Cortlen assisted him. Both men are currently still behind bars after being denied bond, and if convicted they could get the death penalty.

Before being arrested for the murders, Demons scored the biggest hit of his career with the Kanye West assisted-song “Murder on My Mind,” which has nearly gone platinum since the double murder charge.

In 2015 Demons was also arrested for firing a gun at Vero Beach High School in Vero Beach, Fla., and according to reports he was shooting at three of his fellow students.

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