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Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Lends Hand to a Fan Facing Eviction: ‘I Owe This Man My Life’

Former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Johnson recently lent a helping hand to a fan in need who appeared to be going through a rough time. The ex NFL player took to Twitter on Friday afternoon and asked his followers, “How is everyone’s Friday going so far?”

One user by the name of Chris Olivas, of San Marcos, Texas replied to Johnson and explained that he was on the verge of being evicted.

Chad Ochocinco


The former Cincinnati Bengals receiver requested the fan to send him proof of his pending eviction and offered to take care of it. The Twitter user uploaded a screenshot of the document showing that he owed more than $1,318 in back rent.

Johnson then stepped in to save the day by wiring the man $1,500 via PayPal. The self-proclaimed FIFA King then told the fan that he’d be willing to settle things with the landlord if the person should run into any more financial issues down the road.

Chad Ochocinco


“Tell your landlord next time WE fall behind on rent to play me in fifa for the balance 💯,” Johnson retweeted to the user.

The fan who seemed astronomically grateful tweeted, “God is our refuge and strength. I owe this man my life.”

Other Twitter users chimed in underneath the thread, commending Johnson on his good deed:

“You have a heart of gold, I swear. ❤️,”

“We need more Chads in this world! To have someone like you come along and lift all that weight off his shoulders … you know you just gave him the world 🌎❤️.”

“This is amazing Chad 👏 A role model on and off the field!”

Johnson spent a total of 11 season playing in the NFL after Cincinnati picked him in the 2001 second round of the NFL draft. He became a fan favorite with his showboating touchdown celebrations and played in six Pro Bowls.

The athlete has made a name for himself regarding charitable favors. He’s known for leaving quite hefty tips to waiters and servers as a way to shine a light on his football performances over the years. He left one restaurant server a $209.00 tip in honor of a game he played in 2007 where he accumulated a total of 209 yards.

Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco Johnson arrives at the Children Mending Hearts 3rd Annual “Peace Please” Gala held at The Music Box at the Fonda Hollywood on April 16, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

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