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Whoa, Belly! Too Pregnant to Drive, Porsha Williams Now Relying on Uber to Get Around Town

The third trimester is no joke for mom-to-be Porsha Williams.

The star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” confessed her growing belly has now prohibited her from being able to comfortably get behind the wheel.

Williams made the confession at the end of a lengthy birthday shoutout to her younger sister Lauren Williams, who turned 31 on Feb. 19.

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

“Don’t judge my grammar in back of Uber laying out on way to work cuz PJ won’t let me sit up and drive lol #SlimFineWomenWitSomeTwerkToHer,” Porsha wrote after gushing about her “mini me,” who she said is a loving mother, devoted daughter, and her wisest confidant.

Fans didn’t remark about the star’s inability to drive but they did mention how much they’re longing to see Porsha officially become a mom.

“It feel like you been pregnant forever 😩😩😩 i know you ready to go in cause I’m ready for you 😂😍😘”

“@porsha4real you been pregnant forever!!!!! Ready to see PJ 😍😍”

“Girl! Hurry up and have this damn baby! You’ve been pregnant for 5 years!!! 😩🤣🤣🤣”

While fans are eager for her pregnancy to be over, it seems Williams has been enjoying all that incubating her baby girl, affectionately known by her and fiancé Dennis McKinley as PJ, has to offer.

She happily shared a video of herself diving into a plate of ribs on her Instagram Story in January.

“Look! Fried ribs, smothered ribs, mashed potatoes, corn!” she exclaimed before rubbing her stomach and continuing on. “We’re gonna kill it! Oh my god, mm mm mm, look at this: Fried ribs. They’re smothered. Ahh!”

In a more recent IG story, Porsha also noticed how her eating habits have changed as she nears her due date.

“Greedy asf literally been munching on the same cookie and saving it all day! Yes spilled food on shirt from lunch,” she wrote.

But while things have been light and relatively fun lately, the road to this stage in her pregnancy wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

In November, Williams was hospitalized after experiencing complications relating to her fibroids, a friend of hers disclosed to People magazine at the time.

“She is suffering some pregnancy complications due to large fibroids,” the pal detailed. “She was admitted to the hospital and will be staying a little longer than expected. Heartbeat and baby are strong.”

Williams was ultimately released, however, and the star hasn’t been required to stay in the hospital ever since.

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