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Ciara and Russell Wilson Face Criticism Over Signing with Agency That Features Barely Any Black Faces on Team

A damper was put on Ciara and Russell Wilson’s recent celebration of their signing to Creative Artists Agency when fans noticed a lack of diverse representation on their team.

The spouses shared their excitement over the signing, which was initially reported in January, by uploading a video to CiCi’s Instagram page Thursday, Feb. 21.

“The Team Is Lit!!🔥 Can’t Wait to share what we’re cooking! Aaaah! @DangeRussWilson #CAA #LevelUp,” the singer captioned the clip. In the video, Ciara and Wilson wave and cheer in front of agents from the more than four-decade-old talent and sports agency.

However, fans noticed that the reps behind the stars were largely white, which Ciara’s followers took issue with.

“Only two black on y’all team…Wow.”

“And of course everyone is white back there… we need more black presence.”

“I just said the same s— I counted three black faces and two. Stalking I don’t understand why we have to include others when we’re doing something great they never have to include us and it doesn’t mean you’re racist because you want to see all brown in the town.”

“I only see 3 brown people guys- let’s do better… @ciara @dangerusswilson.”

Some fans stepped in to remark that Ciara and Wilson are employing the agents to represent them, but that didn’t mean it didn’t leave a bad taste in the mouths of some followers.

“Idc if there employees or not they could of chosen a more diverse company. This easily comes off as there success was possible due to their team of whites. Doesn’t matter what the facts are it’s the impression it gives off.”

According to the website Diverse Representation, among CAA’s offices around the world, only 17 of their hundreds of agents are black.

Regardless of the criticism, the spouses seem thrilled by their new venture, which comes after Ciara’s past partnerships with Pandora and Equinox along with her former brand ambassadorship for Revlon. Wilson is also responsible for West2East, a brand management, creative content and production company that produces documentaries, TV and film projects.

CAA will represent Ciara and Wilson in several endeavors, including film and television projects, according to Deadline.

Additionally, the company will represent Ciara when she hits the road on tour and when she does commercials. CAA-GBG Global Brand Management Group will tackle Good Man Brand, which is Wilson’s lifestyle brand and includes clothes that are designed to “bring out the best” in men.

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