Bare Facts: Ciara Defended From ‘But You’re a Mom’ Trolls by Folks Who Point Out Skimpy Dress Goes With Her Job


Ciara certainly is feeling herself in her new music video for “Greatest Love,” but some folks in her comments aren’t exactly feeling her.

The singer on Monday uploaded several shots to her Instagram page of various scenes for the sexy clip. Simply hashtagging the post #GreatestLove, Ci stunned in a sequined fishnet getup that left very little to the imagination.

(Photos: @ciara/Instagram)

It didn’t take long for a detractor to lash out at the star and deem the look wildly inappropriate.

“@ciara love and respect for you and @dangerusswilson but I’m sad to see you going this direction revealing your beautiful body like this. I don’t understand why showing photos of yourself in a thong is necessary. Would you want your son, your daughter to see these? I don’t.”

Soon, others backed up the user and even slammed the star for being a wife and mom while parading around in her skivvies.

“@mistymccuen thank you!!!!”

“@mistymccuen u took the words right out of my mouth like can they just be great without showing there a&&, 🤦🏽‍♀️ or there breast like we dont need to see anyone naked bodies.”

“Ciara is a WIFE AND MOTHER at the end of the day and she should act accordingly!!”

However, not everyone felt that way. Fans said Ciara’s provocative look comes with her job, noting she’s never been afraid to dare to bare her body — even before marrying Russell Wilson and having son Future Zahir Wilburn and daughter Princess Sienna Wilson.

“@mistymccuen she’s a dancer, entertainer get over yourself.”

“@mistymccuen do you remember the ‘ride’ video? 🙄 This isn’t new for her.”

“@mistymccuen girl shut tf up. Ciara always been this way. Dam troll.”

“secretly jealous I see.”


Ciara herself has not responded to the back and forth, but the singer likely isn’t too concerned about what the haters are thinking. After all, she has her Seattle Seahawks quarterback hubby gushing over her.

Wilson took to the comments section of her Feb. 12 tease for the “Greatest Love” video to show how her gyrating in a GIF sent him into overdrive.

“🤠🤠🤠🔥🔥🔥” he simply commented.

Yet for all the gassing up Wilson did for his wife and her confidently showing off her near-perfect figure, Ciara has not always adored her looks.

“I haven’t always been confident,” the performer admitted to W Magazine in January. “I’ve definitely had to have self-talks, because before I was grown up, I was one of those girls where my body developed a bit behind. I was really tall, very muscular. I used to walk with my back hunched over a bit because I was so insecure about being tall. My confidence, as far as me accepting myself physically, kind of happened later for me.”

And once she realized these things were not going to change, Ciara’s mindset shifted.

“When you get more comfortable, you realize that none of that stuff is changing, so the last thing you want to do is walk around being worried about it,” she said. “Embrace what you have — that is part of loving yourself, and understanding the power of loving yourself is game-changing. Once I did that, my confidence level went up tremendously.”

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