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Twitter Rushes to Malia Obama’s Defense After Leaked Photos Show Her Partying With College Mates: She ‘Stays Surrounded by Snitches’

Malia Obama might want to pick some better friends, according to some of the opinions on social media.

The reason being is some photos of the former first daughter recently hit the Internet, and they show her in a bikini while hanging out with college mates in Miami.

Fans of Malia Obama says she needs better friends after private photos leak.


In three leaked photos from a vacation trip to Miami with her Harvard friends, former President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter is depicted in a bikini from two angles that show the 20-year-old sophomore standing up, and one that shows her reclining on a chaise lounge while holding an apparent alcoholic beverage.

On top of that, according to reports out of the right-leaning British tabloid the Daily Mail, a supposed secret Facebook page of Malia’s has been uncovered, and the profile pictures show three pink post-its that reveal her feelings about Donald Trump. The page hasn’t been updated since 2017, and it doesn’t have Malia’s name attached to it.

“Donald Trump is president. This is not normal. Donald Trump is evil. Don’t be complacent,’ read the post-its. And the photo was liked by former Vice President’s Joe Biden‘s 20-year-old granddaughter Finnegan Biden.

Some of the other images on the Facebook page are thought to be photos from Malia’s senior year at Sidwell Friends school in Washington.

And although the page doesn’t reveal anything scandalous, many on Twitter said her friends are to blame for leaking it, as well as the photos — especially since other unguarded images and videos of Malia have leaked, like when a photo emerged of her seemingly smoking marijuana in 2016.

“Malia Obama stays surrounded by snitches,” one person wrote on Monday.

“She needs better friends. I feel for her,” wrote another.

Plus, there were some people who said Sasha Obama, Malia’s younger sister, doesn’t have photos and private info of her leaked, and again they pointed to the Malia Obama’s friends.

“Sasha’s friends would never,” one person tweeted.

“That is a fact. Sasha’s friends are super loyal,” wrote another.

George’s Bush’s twin daughter’s Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager experienced some of the same media scrutiny as Malia, but not in the same way because the Internet wasn’t the main source of news and stories didn’t move as quickly.

In fact, in 2001 they made headlines for trying to purchase beer at a Mexican restaurant when they were 19 and not the legal drinking age of 21, which they discussed in their memoir “Sisters First.”

“When you’re a college student, you are more preoccupied with who’s having a party or who’s playing beer pong than if your fake ID will land you in the tabloids,” wrote Jenna. “I never stopped to consider, ‘Oh, wait a minute, now that my dad is president, people are going to recognize me.’”

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